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Titan Fitness's Marrs Bar is a specialty weightlifting barbell specifically designed for CrossFit athletes. This bar is made from 190,000 PSI tensile strength steel, and features a proprietary knurling pattern that is double-coated for improved grip. This bar is ideally suited for performing Olympic lifts, Clean & Jerks, and Thrusters. The Marrs Bar features a 0.98-inch diameter stainless steel shaft, and has a black zinc coating to prevent oxidation. The bar weighs in at 45 lb, and has a total length of 86 inches. The shaft length is 51.5 inches, and is designed with a center knurling point for improved grip when handling heavier weights. The bar also features a diamond-coated circular area at the center to improve body positioning when catching heavy weights at the bottom of a Clean & Jerk. The bar is secured with four double-snap ring bushings that help to decrease bar whip, and two end caps are included. This bar is ideally suited for any level of CrossFit athlete looking for a reliable, durable, and well constructed barbell.


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Pros & Cons


• Stainless steel material ensures durability

• Wide range of multipurpose handgrips designed to improve workouts

• Handles are specifically designed for powerlifting and Olympic lifting exercises

• Slim design is perfect for a wide range of workouts

• Slotted sleeve design prevents the bar from rolling or slipping when lifting

• Strong and flexible knurling designed for long-lasting comfort and performance


• Expensive price tag

• Unavailable outside the United States

• Requires a larger space for storage and use

Who Should Buy


Shopping This Product

✓ Recommended for people who want a top-quality barbell for their home gym.

✓ Affordable for the quality of product.

Not Recommended for Shopping This Product

✘ Not recommended if you do not have any strength training experience.

✘ Not recommended if you are on a tight budget.


-Made of beechwood and steel

-Overall dimensions: L-51" x W-37" x H-8"

-Length and angle adjustments

-Telescoping pull-up bar

-Comes with 2 pull pins

-Load capacity: 1000lbs

-Non-slip band pegs

Titan Marrs-Bar™$992 lbs3 YearsSoft-grip handles, 25 cm reach, 250 lbs weight capacity
Deluxe Barbell Bar$4515 lbs1 YearStay-in-place collars, 36.5 cm reach, 500 lbs weight capacity
Adjustable Barbell Bar$11512 lbs5 YearsNon-slip knurled grip, 50.5 cm reach, 600 lbs weight capacity
Pro SDC Barbell Bar$857 lbs2 YearsLocking collars, 55.9 cm reach, 400 lbs weight capacity

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