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Seal Row Bar v2

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Seal Row Bar v2

The Titan Seal Row Bar v2 is an incredibly versatile barbell perfect for all types of strength training. Made with superior quality components, it boasts impressive strength and durability backed by a lifetime guarantee. The unique ergonomic design allows you to perform various exercises without strain, making it suitable for competitive athletes as well as everyday users. The custom-made knurling provides superior grip and ensures you can keep your grip on the bar even when it’s wet from sweat. The bar is designed to fit standard weight-set plates, and its dual-knurl marks allow for easy identification of the center of the bar for equal weight distribution. Its center knurl is 5mm wide for maximum comfort during rowing exercises, and the sleeves are sized for minimal spin. With a black zinc finish and a total weight of 44 lbs, this bar is ideal for use in a home gym or at a lower-cost commercial facility. With its superior construction and ergonomic design, the Titan Seal Row Bar v2 is great for building strength and taking your workout to the next level.


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Pros & Cons


• Knurled handles provide comfort and a strong grip

• Straddle rows provide a great choice for more varied exercises

• The sleeves are designed to hold weights securely

• Seals provide extra stability during lifts

• Can hold Olympic or standard plates


• Shorter than a standard Olympic bar, which limits the weight capacity

• Lack of compatibility with standard equipment

• Higher price compared to other similar items.

Who Should Buy


Why You Should Buy:

- Constructed of seamless, heat treated alloy steel for maximum strength

- Signature SEAL rows are machined knurled for superior grip and comfort

- Internally threaded bronze bushings provide low-maintenance and smooth sleeve performance

- 15 weight plate storage locations

- Ultra-durable, matte black powder coat finish

Why You Should Not Buy:

- Expensive product

- Specialty bar with limited use cases

- No warranty information provided


•2” thick solid cold-rolled steel construction for enhanced strength

•Black powder coat finish and zinc-plated sleeve ends for added durability

•Robust 28mm diameter rod handles with 2” sleeve openings

•Grip surface features a wide diamond knurl pattern for a secure, no-slip grip

•Centered bronze oil-lite bushing for smooth, controlled rotation

•Max weight rating of 500lbs. for dynamic and static movements

Titan Seal Row Bar v2Similar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Weight Limit550 lbs.500 lbs.450 lbs.600 lbs
Overall Length81"80"79"78"
Handle TypeDiamond knurlStraightKettlebell KnurlWave
Knurl MarkingsSingleSingleAggressiveSingle
CoatingBlack ZincManganeseBlack ZincBright Zinc

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