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Plate-Loaded Lever Curl Dumbbell

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Plate-Loaded Lever Curl Dumbbell

The Plate Loaded Lever Curl Dumbbell from Titan Fitness is a versatile and effective tool for strength training. Featuring a space-saving design, this adjustable weight gives users the flexibility to work arms, shoulders, and back muscles without having to move or switch out different dumbells. Made of steel and fitted with a rubber handle, this dumbbell has a robust construction to support frequent use. The two-tone color scheme is sleek and aesthetically pleasing, and the lever-action handle allows for one-handed use. With easy-to-read weight increments, users can quickly switch up their weight without having to remove or add any plates. Perfect for gyms and studios, the Plate Loaded Lever Curl Dumbbell is an ideal choice for those looking to strengthen and tone their muscles.


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Pros & Cons


• Easy to adjust weight with a quick lever system

• Sold as an individual dumbbell

• Ergonomic design for comfortable weightlifting

• Can be used for many exercises

• Wide range of weights available

• Compact size saves space


• Can be expensive

• Not adjustable in small increments

• Can be awkward to switch out plates when changing weight

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy This Home Gym Product:

• Those who want the most versatile home fitness equipment

• Those who desire adjustable dumbbells with minimal weight range adjustments

• Those who need a convenient way to switch between exercises

• Those who want to save time by rapidly adjusting the weight of their dumbbell sets

Who Should Not Buy This Home Gym Product:

• Those who are looking for a cheap option

• Those who do not want to have to manually adjust the weights of their dumbbells

• Those who prefer to not have free weights in their home or space for them

• Those who have limited space for gym equipment


• Plate-Loading System

• Urethane coated handle for Gripping Comfort and Safety

• Lever-arm design for effective isolation of muscles

• Sealed ball-bearing and hinge-pin system provide smooth motion

• Extra wide, curved base profile ensures stability

• Accommodates conventional plates with 1” Central Hub

• Weight Range - 22lbs / 10Kg per dumbbell

ProductWeight RangeDimensionsWeight
Titan Plate-Loaded Lever Curl Dumbbell5 - 50 lbsEight inches (L) x 12 inches (W) x 8 inches (H)2.23 lbs
Valor Fitness BD-17 Adjustable Curl Barbell5 - 45 lbs8" x 32" x 8"33.75 lbs
Best Fitness BFVK10 Plate-Loaded Lever Arm Curl10 - 65 lbs10" (L) x7" (W) x24.5 (H)13 lbs
Deltech FT450 Leverage Arm Seated Curl0 - 250 lbs43” x 26” x 80”69 lbs
XMark XM-9080 Plate-load Leverage Arm Curl145 lbs48” x41” x65”66 lbs

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