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50 LB Straight Stainless Steel Hex Dumbbells

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50 LB Straight Stainless Steel Hex Dumbbells

Titan's 50 lb Straight Stainless Steel Hex Dumbbells provide superior quality and strength. Designed with a rubber coated hexagon-shaped head complete with a full knurl-textured handle, these heavy-duty hex dumbbells will never roll away when put down. The steel heads are machined and then milled for an exact weight. The heads are then encased in rubber to protect the steel, resist corrosion and improve the over-all aesthetic. This also adds a solid, secure grip even if your hands become wet. Ideal for both home and commercial applications, these 50 lb Dumbbells come as a pair and meet exacting standards for quality and performance. Whether you are a beginner or expert, these dumbbells are sure to help improve your strength, agility and overall body tone.


Pros & Cons


-Constructed from stainless steel hex dumbbells for lasting strength and reliability

• Protected with rubber coating to reduce noise and increase protection for the floor and other equipment

• Compact hexagonal design allows for easy storage

• Wide flanged ends provide easy gripping and help reduce chances of slipping

• Exceptional build quality for an economical price


• Weight pairs limited to 50lbs

• Rubber coating may eventually wear down with extended use

• Cannot increase weight adjustment amount due to fixed design

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Compact size and shape perfect for home workouts

- Hexagonal rubber-coated design enables secure grip

- High-quality stainless steel construction ensures durability

- 50 lbs of weight great for targeting various muscle groups

Should Not Buy:

- Cost may be prohibitive for some budgets

- Not necessary for workouts that involve bodyweight exercises only

- Some may require heavier weights for more advanced training


• Hexagonal cast iron heads

• Solid steel core

• Straight-head design

• Knurled handles

• For weight training or resistance training

• 50 lb total weight (2 discs at 25 lbs each)

• Wide cast hexagon steel heads for safety

• Chrome plating includes stainless steel discs for rust resistance

• Ergonomic knurled chrome handles

Weight RangePrice RangeDurability
50 LB$74HighTitan
50 LB$80ModerateCAP Barbell
50 LB$90HighYes4All
50 LB$127HighREP

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