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65 LB Straight Stainless Steel Hex Dumbbells

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65 LB Straight Stainless Steel Hex Dumbbells

The 65 lbs Straight Stainless Steel Hex Dumbbells from Titan Fitness are an ideal choice for strength-training and conditioning exercises. These rubber-coated hex dumbbells are designed to provide a secure grip and provide optimal protection for both gym floors and users. The two ergonomically-designed stainless steel handles are comfortable to hold, even when performing a range of strength-based exercises. With its hexagonal shape, these dumbbells help to reduce the risk of rolling when not in use. The 65 lbs Straight Stainless Steel Hex Dumbbells from Titan Fitness are constructed from solid, industrial grade iron and feature a rubber-coated hexagonal shape. The rubber coating provides increased protection and durability while also helping to protect the floors of your gym. This dumbbell set is designed to be long-lasting and capable of withstanding heavy daily use. The dumbbell weight is evenly distributed for balanced performance and users can rely on the toughness of the material to ensure continued gym conditioning. The Titan Fitness 65 lbs Straight Stainless Steel Hex Dumbbells are a great choice for both home and commercial gym use. These dumbbells are an ideal addition to your arsenal of strength-training and conditioning exercises. The ergonomic handle design makes them comfortable to use and their hexagonal shape reduces the risk of rolling when not in use. The durable, industrial grade iron construction paired with an impact absorbing sweat-resistant rubber coating ensures that these dumbbells will stand up to regular and intense gym use.


Pros & Cons


• Straight design for improved balance and controlled motion

• Hammertone black finish in powder coat and ergonomically designed handle

• Hexagon design prevents dumbbells from rolling

•Long-lasting thanks to stainless-steel Construction

• Secure grip thanks to knurled handle

• High quality rubber coating that reduces noise


• Cost of individual dumbbells could be cost prohibitive

• The weight increments may not suit everyone’s needs

• They can be heavy to lift if the user has physical limitations

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• People who want reliable and long-lasting weights

• People who want to invest in high-quality dumbbells

• Fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an effective way to stay in shape

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those with limited space

• People who need adjustable or lighter weights

• Those on a limited budget


- 2 x 65 LB straight stainless steel hex dumbbells

- Premium quality solid stainless steel dumbbells

- Non-slip hexagonal shape

- Raised knurling for improved grip

- Straight, ergonomic, fixed-length, knurled handles

- Perfect for intensive and home workouts

ProductWeight (LB)MaterialShape
Titan 6565SteelHex
Ironmaster 7575SteelHex
Body-Solid 5555SteelHex
Rep Fitness 6060SteelHex

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