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The Titan H-PND is an essential machine for lower body strength training. It offers an innovative, versatile workout experience incorporating multiple angles to isolate and target specific muscle groups. This machine features an adjustable height back pad and heavy-duty frame construction to ensure reliable performance. Its adjustable thigh pad and seven-position swivel design offer a customizable height adjustment up to 44"H. Dual handle units add durability and feature-rich support systems allowing for multiple user connections. A convenient weight storage design offers easy access and greater versatility. The H-PND's Dynamic variable resistance mechanism allows for a limitless range of motion, varying the resistance level and promoting a unique, dynamic workout. This combination of features provide an intense, effective lower body workout that can help you get the most out of your exercise routine.


Pros & Cons


• Foldable Design, allows you to save space.

• Low-impact design is easier on your joints and spine.

• Full body workout, allows for engagement of legs, hips and core.

• Easy to transport and set up.


• Limited exercises available designed for machine.

• Height is not adjustable.

• More expensive than many other lower body workouts.

• Difficult to store due to its size.

Who Should Buy



- It is affordable

- It is from a reliable brand - Titan Fitness

- It comes with a 1-year limited warranty


- If you have limited space in your home gym

- If you already own a similar piece of equipment

- If you have a tight budget


• Size: 85” Length x 47” Width x 82” Height

• Weight: 450 Pounds

• Maximum Weight Capacity: 750 Pounds

• RTV-1450 Pulling System: Cable Pulleys with Cushioned Top Rollers

• Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar and Dip Station

• Adjustable Leg Developer and Preacher Curl Pad

• 7 Backrest Adjustments

• Instructional Placards, Weight Horns and Weight Pegs

SpecificationTitan H-PNDProduct AProduct BProduct C
Battery Life160 Hours200 Hours150 Hours80 Hours
Operating SystemAndroid 5.0Android 8.1Android 6.0iOS 11
Durability RatingIPX5IPX7IPX5IPX8
Number of Ports2324

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