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Plate Loaded Deltoid And Shoulder Press Machine

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Plate Loaded Deltoid And Shoulder Press Machine

The Plate Loaded Deltoid and Shoulder Press Machine from Titan Fitness is a versatile piece of exercise equipment designed to help you improve your upper body strength. This multifunctional machine has a wide array of adjustable components that enable you to work key muscles in your arms, chest, and shoulders. The plate-loaded machine is covered in a scratch-resistant coat of paint to ensure durability and longevity. The back pad has been specially designed to support plenty of weight, while the adjustable arm pad can be shifted forward, backward, or anywhere in between. It also comes with handles to help you get the most out of each rep. The Plate Loaded Deltoid and Shoulder Press Machine is ideal for both commercial and home use. With a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds and solid steel construction, it’s tough enough for serious fitness enthusiasts. You can use it to build muscle and strength in no time. The machine also comes with a variety of attachments, so you can mix up your workout to keep it interesting and effective. For those looking for an effective way to increase their upper body strength, the Plate Loaded Deltoid and Shoulder Press Machine from Titan Fitness is the perfect choice. It offers all the features you need for a comprehensive, challenging workout that will help you see results.


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Pros & Cons


• Targets deltoids and anterior deltoid specifically

• Adjustable seat to fit different body types

• Low starting weight of 33lbs (15kg)

• Ergonomic handles provide comfort while exercising

• Adjustable range of motion and variable resistance


• High price point

• Weight stacks cannot be interchanged

• Relatively minimal range of movements

• Not ideal for full body workouts

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy

-Fitness enthusiasts looking to strengthen their upper body

-People who would benefit from an adjustable weight machine

-Those who cannot perform free weight exercises and need a more stabilized option

Who Should Not Buy

-Beginners who don't have any weight lifting experience

-Unless lacking the space, this machine may be too large for certain home gyms


• Frame construction: Heavy duty tubular steel

Weight Stack range: 5-200lbs (variable)

• Adjustable padding: Foam with durable upholstery

• Supported exercises: Deltoid press, shoulder press

• Additional accessories: Plate-loaded abdomen board and accessories for triceps and biceps

• Available weight plate sizes: Standard Olympic weight plates

• Safety features: Handles, safety lock nut, pull pin

Titan Plate Loaded Deltoid and Shoulder Press MachineMarcy Combo Smith MachineAdaptive Motion Trainer (AMT)Cybex Eagle Shoulder Press
400 lbs (181.4 kg)300 lbs (136 kg)300lbs (136 kg)N/A

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