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1.3" Single Handle Landmine Press

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1.3" Single Handle Landmine Press

This 1.3-inch Single-Handle Landmine Press from Titan Fitness is the perfect addition to any home or gym strength training routine. A landmine press is a full-body workout that can be used for building strong and powerful arms, shoulders, and chest, as well as for strengthening muscles in the core, thighs, and lower legs. This single-handle landmine press features an ergonomic handle to help focus pressure more in the upper body, helping to target the triceps and core. The 1.3-inch diameter handle fits all Olympic weight plates, meaning users can customize the number of weight plates they use and progress as they become stronger. This landmine press also features a cross bar end cap to secure the weight plates in place when performing exercises. The entire frame of this landmine press is constructed from durable steel, which offers superior strength and durability. It also features a zinc plating to prevent rusting and corrosion, so users can be confident that it will last for several years. Installation is easy with six large mounting holes at the base so it can easily attach to the floor for stability. This 1.3-inch Single-Handle Landmine Press from Titan Fitness is perfect for anyone who wants to add intensity and variation to their strength training routine. The comfortable handle and customization options make this an excellent choice for beginners, intermediate, and advanced trainers.


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Pros & Cons


• Isolates the shoulder and core muscles

• Can easily fit into a home gym

• Made of high-grade steel for durability

• Can be used with most any barbell, for multiple exercises

• Comes with secure mounting brackets


• One handle means fewer workout options than two handle versions

• Can be difficult to secure if not using both mounting points

• Can be difficult to keep barbell in the proper landmine tube position during use

Who Should Buy


✔ Who Should Buy:

- Gym owners

- Fitness enthusiasts

- Powerlifters

❌ Who Should Not Buy:

- Those who don’t want to invest in a high-quality exercise accessory

- Individuals without space to store a large fitness tool

- Those who don't have the budget to buy a landmine press


-Dimensions: 42" x 24" x 8"

-Handle Length: 18.75"

-Weight: 50 lb.

-Accommodates Standard Olympic Weight Plates

-Easy One-Handed Operation Allows for Greater Focus on Specific Muscles

-Rust Resistant Finish

ProductWeightMaterialHandle DimensionsPrice
Titan 1.3" Single Handle Landmine Press10 lbs.Steel1.3"$135
ROGUE 1.25" Simple Landmine Handle10 lbs.Steel1.25"$79
CAP Barbell Extreme Landmine28 lbs.Steel1.25"$98
VALORLANDMINE™ Adjustable T-Bar13 lbs.SteelAdjustable$119
ABUZZ Pro Landmine7 lbs.Steel1.25"$199

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