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1.9" Single Handle Landmine Press

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1.9" Single Handle Landmine Press

The 1.9-in Single Handle Landmine Press from Titan Fitness can provide an excellent range of strength exercises, ranging from squats and presses to chest rows and more. Its 28mm grip thickness provides the user with the confidence and stability they need while they exercise, while the 1.9-inch diameter handle ensures a custom fit for each user. The landmine itself is made from powder-coated steel, meaning it won't be easily damaged or scratched over time. The handle is 6-way adjustable, so there's no need for users to guess at the best angle for each exercise as it can be adjusted as needed. Additionally, the landmine is designed to rotate 360 degrees, giving users the freedom to choose the best angle for their exercise. This is a great option for strength athletes and fitness buffs alike, giving them a wide spectrum of exercises to choose from as they progress in their training.


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Pros & Cons


• Made of strong steel for a long lasting durability

• Ergonomic design to reduce fatigue and provide for a firm grip

• Attaches easily to any Power Rack, half rack, landmine station

• Compatible with any Olympic barbell with 2" Sleeves

•High-quality Construction and finish


• Only comes with a single handle

• May be difficult to position with longer bars

• No weight plate storage on the handle grip

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

•Anyone looking to do landmine presses

•Those wanting to build strength and muscle

•Anyone wanting to develop upper body power and stability

Who Should Not Buy:

•Those wanting to do floor-based exercises

•Those who don’t have the appropriate space to set up the product

•Anyone not comfortable with the product's weight or size flexibilty


-1.9" diameter handle

-designed for both Olympic and standard weight plates

-Weight Rating: 1500 lbs.

-Accommodates 1-2 inch diameter bar

-5 holes on either side for band resistance exercises

-Machined grip sections for improved grip

-Black Oxide Finish


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