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Angled Landmine Handle With Rubber Grip

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Angled Landmine Handle With Rubber Grip

The Titan Fitness Angled Landmine Handle with Rubber Grip is an ideal piece of equipment for any home or commercial gym. It features commercial-grade 11-gauge steel construction for long-term durability and a rubberized grip for a comfortable, secure hold during workouts. This handle is designed for use with any Olympic barbell, which will allow you to perform various exercises such as rows and presses to target your lats, traps, delts, chest, and back muscles. Additionally, the angled handle gives you the ability to move in multiple directions, allowing for more dynamic exercises and a more complete muscle-building experience. The Titan Angled Landmine Handle with Rubber Grip is a great choice for any gym, and its finish helps protect it from rust and corrosion, helping to keep it looking better for longer.


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Pros & Cons


• Rubber grip for ease of use

• Angled design allows for variety in workout exercises

• Easily attachable and storable


• Cost is on the higher end

• Heavy compared to other fitness handles

• Can cause a potential hazard if used with heavy weights

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Angled handle provides a variety of unique exercise movements

- Lack of cable and pulley systems allows for minimal maintenance

- Rubber grip handle provides comfort and prevents slipping

Should Not Buy:

- Not suitable for advanced level weight lifting

- Not suitable for Olympic lifts

- Angled handle may not fit some typical Olympic barbells


• Made of high grade steel

• Angled bar for greater versatility and mobility

• Rubber grip for maximum comfort and control

• Thick, rigid construction

• Adjustable length – fits standard or Olympic bars

• Interchangeable rotation head to allow for multiple angles

• Supports up to 350 lb load capacity

ProductWeight (kg)Length (cm)Handle MaterialGrip Material
Titan Angled Landmine Handle with Rubber Grip11.4137Solid SteelRubber
Pro Hex ADJUSTABLE LANDMINE HANDLE20.490-130Solid SteelUrethane
FORCE USA Landmine T-Bar Row Handle7.3135Solid SteelRubber
Battle Rope Landmine Attachment16.287Solid SteelUrethane
Titan Landmine Gym Attachment16.778Solid SteelUrethane

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