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Clean N Jerk Landmine Attachment V2

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Clean N Jerk Landmine Attachment V2

The Clean & Jerk Landmine Attachment V2 by Titan Fitness is designed to help athletes utilize the benefits of the landmine movement while taking advantage of a multi-directional design. This product is made from heavy-duty steel and features an adjustable length of 48-68.5”. The handlefeatures a comfortable and ergonomic design, with a durable non-slip knurled grip. It is also built with a friction-locking collar that helps lock the unit into place on Olympic bars and rigs. This landmine attachment is designed to allow users maximum range of motion while training with free weights. It allows users to perform presses, rows, squats, and pulls while using the leverage of the weight’s resistance from multiple angles. The handle on this landmine attachment is designed to provide a safe and reliable grip during all lifting motions with the addition of a durable non-slip knurled grip. Its additional features include a textured rubber end cap for protection and noise dampening, as well as a friction-locking collar that helps you adjust the length of the attachment. This product is perfect for athletes looking to add landmine movements to their training regimen. It offers a wide range of motion, a comfortable and reliable grip, and is made from durable, heavy-duty steel. This product is sure to provide users with an effective and safe training experience from multiple angles.


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Pros & Cons


• Easy to install with no tools required

• Durable and strong Construction

• Adaptable to most standard Olympic bars

• Accommodates any Olympic size bumper plate

• Creates tension in multiple directions

• Versatile, can be used for a variety of strength training exercises

• Allows additional range of motion and new angles with particular exercises

• Safe and effective movements

• Can help to develop and strengthen core, rotator cuffs, and lower body


• Limited to Olympic size bumper plates

• Maintaining proper form may be difficult for some exercises

• Not suitable for all exercises

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy

- Easy to use attachment to the standard T-3 Series racks

- Combines powerlifting movements like deadlifts, squats, and pulls with Olympic movements like cleans and jerks

- Versatile to accommodate a wide variety of exercises

Reasons Not to Buy

- Not necessary for people who are beginners in fitness

- More expensive than traditional pieces of exercising equipment

- Can be difficult to store in a small space


-Compatible with 2” Olympic – standard sized barbell

-Adjustable length with the new and improved US Lock design

-Upgradeable 3-piece quick-change system

-Loadable sleeve to add or switch weights quickly

-Foldable compact design for easy storage

-High-quality professional grade steel construction

-Robust heavy-duty frame for maximum safety and stability

-Premium powder coating for rust prevention and durability

-Secure and easy to assembly design with interchangeable connections

-Ergonomic handles for secure and comfortable motions

-Full range of motion glides on all terrain

-Multi-functional attachment for landmine presses, halos, curls and more

ProductPriceWeight CapacityHandle Diameter
Titan Clean N Jerk Landmine Attachment V2$55.00500 lb1.25"
Titan Olympic Barbell Landmine Vertical Attachment$45.00600 lb2"
TITAN Vertical Barbell Landmine Attachment$50.00500 lb2"
Titan Single Bar Landmine$45.00500 lb1.25”

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