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Fat Grip Parallel Landmine Handle

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Fat Grip Parallel Landmine Handle

The Fat Grip Parallel Landmine Handle from Titan Fitness is a versatile and secure piece of fitness equipment for strength training. The handle fits most Olympic bars and has a fat grip that is comfortable and secure to use, allowing for a variety of exercises. The handle features a solid steel construction and is designed to fit any landmine unit, allowing you to add upper body exercises to your routine. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, and it is coated in a black oxide finish to protect the handle from wear and tear. Its wide-grip design allows for maximium comfort and security when you're working out. It also has an extra-long handle that makes it easier to get into the right position for exercises. Overall, this versatile and secure piece of equipment is suitable for any strength and power training routine.


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Pros & Cons


• Ergonomic design–comfortable for use

• Constructed of high-quality steel–durable and long lasting

• Fits all standard Olympic bars–versatile

• Thick handles–improved grip strength

• Allows you to perform a wide range of exercises–great for strength training


• Expensive–not an inexpensive option for budget shoppers

• Not suitable for beginners–requires higher levels of strength and coordination

• Heavy–not easy to move around the gym or to transport

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Ideal for those with limited space in their home who still want to get the most out of their workouts

- Specifically designed to fit Titan's landmime power cages and racks

- Features an easy-grip handle for added comfort and safety

- Offers multiple exercise options such as presses, rows, curls, and squats

Should Not Buy:

- Not suitable for those who don't own any landmine power cages or racks

- Not ideal for those who are looking for more free-form exercise options

- Not recommended for those who are new to working out and don't have a good understanding of proper form and technique


- Compact design for limited spaces

- Powder coated steel frame

- Easy to install

- Dual Olympic Sleeves for maximum versatility

- Comes with textured grip for secure handling

- Rotates a full 360° for comprehensive workouts

- Suitable for all Olympic weight plates

- Can be used with landmine attachments and other workout accessories

- Dimensions: 47cm x 17cm x 27cm

Product NameFeatures
Titan Fat Grip Parallel Landmine Handle35 lbs, 90" long, fat grip, zinc finish
Cap Barbell's Landmine Handle35 lbs, 60" long, stainless steel frame
Fitness Reality Multi-Grip Landmine Handle30 lbs, 63" long, solid steel rivets
Body-Solid Landmine Handle25 lbs, 6' long, rubber handle grip
RitFit Solid Steel Landmine Handle30 lbs, 63.8" long, removable inner bar

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