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Neutral Grip Viking Press Landmine Handle V2

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Neutral Grip Viking Press Landmine Handle V2

The Titan Neutral Grip Viking Press Landmine Handle V2 is designed to help you target and strengthen the muscles of your shoulders and arms. It's constructed with a durable steel frame and is finished with a powder coat for a long-lasting, easy to clean finish. Its neutral grip design, which allows the handle to be used from both sides, allows for a comfortable and balanced lift. Its length is adjustable between 17.25” and 28.75” making it suitable for any height. The handle also features a rubber grip for improved comfort and stability during your workout. The handle can be used for a variety of exercises and movements, such as the viking press, Romanian deadlift and close grip bench press to target specific muscle groups. The neutral grip design ensures that your wrists remain in a comfortable position while the adjustable length provides an appropriate range of motion depending on height. Furthermore, the rubber grip improves stability and safety while the steel construction ensures stability and durability. The Titan Neutral Grip Viking Press Landmine Handle V2 is suitable for any strength training level, whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, and is an effective way to target and strengthen your shoulder and arm muscles.


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Pros & Cons


• Ergonomic handle design allows for multiple grip options while providing comfort and support

• Angle of handle can be adjusted to accommodate exercises such as shoulder press, chest press, and rows

• Constructed with steel and an durable anti-slip grip

• Compatible with Olympic-sized bars, for a wider range of exercises


• Heavy and cumbersome; may require multiple people to install

• Can take up a significant amount of floor space in a home gym

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Versatility - can be used for a variety of exercises

• Durability - highly durable steel construction

• Easy to use - easy to attach to compatible landmine bases and workouts

Should Not Buy:

• Not budget friendly - may be too pricey for some

• Can't fit Olympic plates - designed to fit standard plates only


• Neutral, no-stress grip with a comfortable grip

• Solid steel construction with extra-reinforced textured surface

• Black powder-coat finish to guard against rust

• Fits standard Olympic bars and landmines with 2-inch outside diameter

• Use with any landmine or other fitness device

• Angle the handle for better core activation and a more balanced lift

• Ideal for shoulder pressing and core exercises

• Ergonomic design with small footprint to save floor space

• Textured rubber grip for comfortable and secure hold

• Enhanced stability and control during exercises

ProductWeight CapacityOverall LengthHandle DiameterPrice
Titan Neutral Grip Viking Press Landmine Handle V2500 lbs36"1.625"$127.95
Rogue Landmine Handle500 lbs32"1.81"$45.00
Cap Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Spring Collar ClipsN/AN/AN/A$7.00
Rep Fitness Landmine T-Bar Row Handle500 lbs36"1.5"$59.00
Gorilla Sports Landmine Handle for Olympic250 lbs36"1.5"$73.84

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