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Pin and Pipe Safety Landmine Pivot

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Pin and Pipe Safety Landmine Pivot

The Titan Pin and Pipe Safety Landmine Pivot is the optimal choice when looking to add dynamic, functional exercises to any weightlifting routine. The pivot offers a safe and balanced surface for a wide variety of movements. With its optimized shape, the pivot centers the point of resistance for the hips, torso, and upper back muscles, allowing for engaging and progressively difficult exercises. The pivot has a resilient, powder coated steel construction with a durable pull-up bar in the back and ergonomic hand grips in the front. The full range of motion compound rotational movement and the tension generated when the bar is pressed against the pivot point works multiple muscle groups simultaneously, which can lead to greater muscle gains. The pivot has a unique cam-lock lever system which allows for quick and easy installation and includes two finished steel plates that attach to any Olympic bar, allowing for multiple angles of rotation. It also incorporates external safety stops that prevent the bar from slipping or rotating too far. This pivot is a truly versatile piece of equipment. It opens up a myriad of exercises for both dynamic warm up movements and challenging, power-building lifts. Athletes of any experience level can benefit from this pivot to increase strength, power, and coordination.


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Pros & Cons


• Durable Construction

• Includes both a pin and pipe for versatility of use

• Powder coat finish for extra protection

• Dual aluminum safety stops included

• Easy to use


• Not as versatile as other landmines

• Limited to pivoting exercises only

• Not designed for heavy lifting

Who Should Buy



• Those who are interested in strength-training at home

• Power lifters and Olympic weight lifters who are looking to practice their lifts with safety


• Those who lack the space to store the item

• Those who don't require the specialized features offered by the product


• Supports up to 8,000 lbs of landmines

• Fully adjustable height range: 6-10'

• Pivoting head design for quick and easy landmine placement

• Heavy-duty steel construction for maximum stability and durability

• Non-skid base for added safety

• Welded-in stabilizers for additional rigidity

• Powder-coated finish for long-lasting corrosion resistance

• Easy to assemble and disassemble

Pin and Pipe Safety Landmine Pivot20 lbsGood
Ergo-Tech Pro Pivotal Highland Plate22 lbsVery Good
Pro-Spin Pivotal Plate20 lbsGood
Ergo-Viber Plate19 lbsExcellent

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