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45 LB Functional Training Swing Bag

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45 LB Functional Training Swing Bag

This 45lb Functional Training Swing Bag from Titan Fitness is an innovative piece of exercise equipment that offers a variety of new and challenging ways to work out. The durable vinyl bag features four reinforced steel handles on the sides and a strong, adjustable, nylon strap for doing a variety of exercises, as well as a secure zipper top for convenient, easy storage. With its 45lb capacity, the Functional Training Swing Bag is ideal for developing power, strength, endurance and stabilizing muscles. You can use the bag for a number of different exercises, including swings, squats, pull-ups, throws, cleans and presses. It is also suitable for practicing techniques for martial arts and grappling. The bag is designed to hold its contents securely during workouts, providing you with extra stability during exercises. As you work out, the bag responds to physical forces, helping to further develop and strengthen your muscles through the additional resistance. The durable vinyl construction ensures the bag is strong enough to handle your workouts while at the same time providing comfort while holding the bag. With its innovative design and robust construction, the 45lb Functional Training Swing Bag is a great piece of equipment for building strength, power and endurance. Whether you're a powerlifter, athlete, martial artist or simply looking for an interesting and challenging way to exercise, this bag has something for everyone.


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Pros & Cons


• Durable handle and straps for ease of use

• Multiple handles for functional training

• Versatile for a variety of exercises

• lb weight ideal for strengthening and toning

• Great for overall fitness, strength, and conditioning

• Low impact on joints


• Limited colors available

• Can be challenging to store

• Requires proper form for exercises to be effective

• May need heavy duty door frame or rack for certain exercises

• lbs may be too light for advanced users

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

-If you are looking for a high-quality, versatile training bag for Functional Training

-If you want a sturdy, durable bag that will last

-If you want to challenge your strength and fitness levels with the swinging motion

-If you want to add a bit of a challenge to traditional functional training exercises

Should Not Buy:

-If you are looking for a traditional weight plate, this is not the right product

-If you do not have enough space to store or use the bag

-If you want a training bag with less than 45 pounds of capacity

-If you are not comfortable with the dynamic motion of swinging a bag


-Made from rip-stop nylon material

-45lb weight capacity

-50"x 8" size

-Double padded nylon handles

-Tossing handles across the top

-High grade steel enclosed in shell of sand

-Water-resistant material

-Ideal for functional training exercises

-Can be used both indoors and outdoors

ProductWeight capacityDimensionsMaterial
Titan 45 LB Functional Training Swing Bag45 lbs14” x 12”Nylon
IronMind Sandbag Training-Medium45-82 lbs14" x 12”Denier Cordura exterior
MTI Forearm Strengthener Gym Bag40 lbs17” x 17”Vinyl
Overmont Resistance Dynamic Exercise Heavy Bag50 lbs18.90" x 18.90"Heavy Duty Canvas

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