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Blue Balance Ball Trainer

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Blue Balance Ball Trainer

The Blue Balance Ball Trainer is a piece of home fitness equipment designed to give users a gentle but effective core workout. It features a large blue-colored, rubber-surfaced ball with a built-in handle and adjustable resistance bands for a progressive challenge. The included manual and online video library provide users with comprehensive instructions, safety tips and exercise variations. The Balance Ball Trainer combines two fundamental elements, the ball and the resistance bands. The rubber-textured ball is designed for enhanced stability, with a non-slip surface for extra support. An integrated handle allows for comfortable and secure gripping and carrying. The included resistance bands ensure an effective, challenging workout by providing adjustable levels of resistance that increase with every repetition. The Balance Ball Trainer is an ideal piece of equipment for home fitness enthusiasts. It builds strong core muscles while providing a range of movement and muscle engagement. The adjustable resistance makes it a suitable option for both beginners and more advanced users. The included manual and online video library provide comprehensive instructions and exercise variations for users to choose from. The Balance Ball Trainer is a convenient and affordable way to tone and strengthen core muscles. It’s compact design makes it easy to store and transport and its simple set-up makes it easy to use. It is low impact, making it ideal for those with joint issues. As an affordable home fitness solution, this balance ball trainer is ideal for users at all levels.


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Pros & Cons


• Effective low-impact exercise tool

• Alleviates back, knee and hip pain

• Strengthens neglected muscles and stabilizes joints

• Improves balance and agility

-High quality Construction

• Pump included


• Reports of unpleasant smell

• Uncomfortable to sit on for long periods

• Ball can spontaneously lose air

• Some reports of the ball being too soft to be effective

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Portable and easy to transport

• Compact design fits in tight spaces

• Adjustable height for different workouts

• Ideal for low impact exercises

• Cost effective

Should Not Buy:

• Design does not allow for heavy weight training

• Does not provide much variety of exercises

• Maximum user weight of 220 lbs

• Not ideal for more advanced athletes

• No instructions included with product


-Cardio workout bar

-Upper body toning and sculpting with resistance bands

-Adjustable strap to adjust the level of resistance

-Portable, lightweight and easily transported

-Padded handles

-Secure suction cups for safety

-For any skill level

-Exercise guide included

ProductPriceWeight CapacityDiameterMaterial
Titan Blue Balance Ball$18.751000 lbs24”PVC
GYMENIST Round Ball$21.991000 lbs23”PVC
Gaiam Balance Ball$17.99300 lbs23”Latex-Free
URBNFit Exercise Ball$19.992000 lbs25”PVC

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