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Heavy Resistance Bands

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Heavy Resistance Bands

Titan Fitness Heavy Resistance Bands are an ideal addition to any strength and conditioning program. With multiple resistance levels, they provide an all-around workout that focuses on both upper and lower body. Constructed out of a durable latex rubber, they can be used to perform exercises such as squats, presses, curls, and many more. The thicker the band, the higher the resistance. The bands are ideal for building muscle, increasing power, and improving your overall physique. Whether used at your home gym or on-the-go at the gym, these bands provide a total body workout with different levels of resistance. The snap-lock D-Ring hook allows for easy adjustments and fast setup. Plus, the bands are designed for comfort and designed for a longer life. With great accessories like clips and handles, these bands offer even more challenging workouts. Whether used for personal use or a gym setting, Titan Fitness Heavy Resistance Bands are an ideal accessory for any strength program.


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Pros & Cons


• Versatile training tool, perfect for full range of motion and isolation exercises.

• Can simulate the feel and burn of free weights without the high cost of traditional weight training equipment.

• Made of high-grade rubber for exceptional durability and can be used for a variety of workout routines.

• Increasing or decreasing resistance levels is as easy as changing the amount of band used.

• Can be used for rehab following injury.

• Portable, lightweight, and fast setup.


• Bands require an understanding of proper form and technique to maximize their effectiveness.

• Slip or sudden stretch can also cause injury if not handled properly.

• Often have limited resistance levels when compared to weight machines.

• Certain movements may require the use of additional lower resistance bands looped together.

Who Should Buy



-For people who want to get a full body workout, even if they don't have access to a full gym or free weights

-For those who are trying to increase muscle or strength, but at a lower cost

-For athletes, as they can offer a different type of resistance training to increase power and explosiveness


-For anyone with an injury and unable to use free weights or equipment safely

-For those who need a lot of weight to workout, as the bands can be light in comparison

-For those who need to increase the size of their muscle, as bands don't offer an overload capacity as much as free weights


- Available in various resistances, from extra light to extra heavy

- Made of stretchy, durable latex

- Loop style with a length of 41" and width of 2"

- Provide continuous resistance throughout the entire range of motion

- Allow for a variety of exercises, such as squats, rows, pulls, deadlifts, etc.

TitanHeavy Resistance BandsProductAProductBProductC
Weight RangeUp to 150lbs40-100lbs40-120lbs30-100lbs
Length41 inches5ft.4ft.2ft.
ResistanceMedium & HeavyHeavyLightMedium
Number of Bands2132

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