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Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

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Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

The Titan Fitness Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar is an essential fitness tool that provides a variety of upper body exercises. This ceiling mounted piece of equipment allows for 12 different variations of pull-ups and chin-ups, as it features multiple revolving handles. The bar is adjustable in height, allowing you to find the best fit for your home gym. It can also be bolted into any stud or crossbeam, up to 24”. The bar is then secured to the wall using an included mounting bracket. The multi-grip design of this pull-up bar provides superior grip for a variety of exercises. It also offers support for gymnastic rings, which can be mounted onto the ends of the bar for even more workout possibilities. The durable construction of the bar ensures it will endure the rigors of any routine. If you’re looking for the ultimate pull-up bar, the Titan Fitness Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar is sure to deliver.


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Pros & Cons


• Easy to install

• Gives the user different gripping options

• Compact and durable

• Helps the user work on their form


• Not suitable for low ceilings

• Can be difficult to securely mount

• Not suitable for advanced exercises

• Limited adjustability for the user

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Mounts to ceiling for extra stability

• Solid Steel construction

• Can be adjusted to fit different ceiling heights

• Multiple grip positions

• Easy to assemble

Should Not Buy:

• Difficulty in assembly if no experience in building items

• Must check that ceilings are strong enough to hold the bar

• May require additional assistance in order to secure the bar to the ceiling


- Constructed with steel

- Max Ceiling Height: 2.7m

- Distance from Ceiling: 240mm

- Max load capacity: 250kg

- Multi-grip design offers various hand positions

- Knurled grips to provide superior workout grip

- Easy to install & perfect for complete upper body workouts

ProductDimension (in)Upper-body WorkoutsGrips
Titan Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar45 x 8 x 8Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Dips8
ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar55 x 26 x 4Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Dips5
ProsourceFit Wall/Ceiling Mounted Dip Station55 x 3 x 8Dips, Chin-Ups, Tricep Dips8
Anazao Fitness Gear Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar42 x 8 x 9Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups2
Escape Fitness Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar51 x 5 x 4Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Tricep Dips5

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