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45 LB Single EZ-Grip Color Bumper Plate

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45 LB Single EZ-Grip Color Bumper Plate

The 45 lb Single EZ Grip Color Bumper Plate from Titan Fitness is perfect for helping you add weight to your workout and make the most out of your weightlifting sessions. The 1" center hole fits any Olympic barbell and the EZ Grip design makes it easy to handle, whether you’re adding or subtracting plates. The vibrant color coating is resilient and will guard against scuffs and abrasions as you transition plates. The polyurethane construction offers superior durability to withstand the rigors of frequent use, while the steel insert keeps your Olympic bar secure with every lift. It can handle up to 132,000 PSI, providing a strong and stable training platform. The plate is IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) compliant and meets the recommended standards for competition plates. These bumpers are great for both experienced and novice lifters, as the 45 lb weight allows for a comfortable lifting progression as your skills and strength advance. The EZ grip design of the plate ensures that you keep a safe, secure grip on the bumper at all times and won’t have to worry about slipping or dropping it. Whether you’re just starting out in weightlifting or a professional powerlifter, the Titan Fitness 45 lb Single EZ Grip Color Bumper Plate will help you achieve your goals and keep you safe while doing it. With its superior construction and design, you can trust that it will stand up to the rigors of your workouts.


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Pros & Cons


- Heavy-duty rubber Construction

• Proprietary technology allows for an easier lift off the ground

• Interior steel ring allows for a secure fit on Olympic bars

• Color-coded for easy weight identification

• Easy to grip out-of-the-box design


• Price may be higher than other bumper plates

• Black coating can become scratched or scuffed over time with heavy use

• Will wear over a long period of time with heavy use

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

- People pursuing CrossFit training or other Olympic-style weightlifting.

- Gymgoers who want to save on space but still enjoy a full-body workout.

- Anyone who wants increased durability who is willing to pay more for it.

- People who want a wide range of colors to customize their workout experience.

Who Should Not Buy:

- People who only want to lift light weights and are shopping on a budget.

- Anybody who wants plates with markings that are calibrated for accuracy.

- Anyone who wants to do light commercial lifting or use the weights in a setting that receives heavy use.

- People who seek a more traditional plate design and don't need the extra easy-grip features.


• 45 LB weight

• Single bumper plate

• EZ-Grip design

• Available in different colors

Titan 45 LB Single EZ-Grip Color Bumper Plate45 LB1.5"17.375"
Fringe Sport 10 LB Bumper Plate10 LB1.2"17.5"
Fringe Sport 15 LB Bumper Plate15 LB1.7"17.5"
CAP Barbell Black Olympic Plates Set10 LB1.15"17.7"
CAP Barbell Olympic 2" Background Color Plates45 LB2"17.75"

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