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5 KG Single Calibrated Steel Plate

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5 KG Single Calibrated Steel Plate

The 5kg Single Calibrated Steel Plate from Titan Fitness is the perfect weight plate to use with Olympic bars to enhance your strength training. This steel weight plate is calibrated to ensure accurate weight of 5 kg. The professional-grade construction is made from steel, with encased rubber to minimize noise during use. The steel construction is designed to handle even the most strenuous workouts and it is designed to last through years of heavy lifting. The ergonomic design allows for easier gripping and more comfortable weight lifting. It features superior grip knurling for greater durability, and to provide better grip for optimal lifting performance. The plate features several different gripping sections, allowing for a more exact grip for more accurate weightlifting. The plate also features a stronger, more durable core design for better stability. The two-piece design also allows for easier storage and transport. This single weight plate from Titan Fitness is designed to last, and is suitable for any strength training routine.


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Pros & Cons


- Strong and durable steel Construction

• Accurate and consistent weight tolerance of +/- 2%

• Raised numbers and letters for easy identification

• Smooth, curved edges for easy handling

• Durable, corrosion-resistant finish


• Heavy weight at 5 kilograms

• Expensive compared to cheaper steel alternatives

• Special care required to ensure long-term use

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• Anyone looking for an affordable steel plate for strength training

• Weight-lifting enthusiasts who want to add more plates to their sets

• Fitness professionals who need an extra plate to get their clients up to their exercises of choice

• Those looking for a high-quality plate with precise weight accuracy

Who Should Not Buy:

• People looking for an extremely inexpensive steel plate

• Individuals who want a plate that doesn't take up much space

• Powerlifters that are only looking for bumper plates

• Those seeking a plate that can be used for Olympic lifting exercises


-Material: Calibrated Steel

-Weight: 5 kilograms

-Dimensions: 209x132x33 millimeters

-Thickness: 10 millimeters

-Finish: Chrome

ProductWeight (kg)Handle designPrice ($)
Titan 5 KG Single Calibrated Steel Plate5Integrated handle40
Iron Bull 5 KG Single Calibrated Steel Plate5Steel O-ring30
Hawley 5 KG Single Calibrated Steel Plate5Hand Grips45
Mira 5 KG Single Calibrated Steel Plate5Textured Handles38

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