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10 LB Ruck Weight

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10 LB Ruck Weight

The Titan Fitness 10-LB Ruck Weight is a spealized weight designed for functional fitness workouts, providing and opportunity to challenge the body to take your fitness to the next level. The 10-LB Ruck Weight is crafted from heavy-duty iron, with easy-grip durable vinyl coating. The weight is designed for works outs that require the weight to simulated a “rucking” experience of carrying a heavy load for extended period of time. The design provides extra comfort for the user’s hand and also avoids any scratches, dents or marks to the floor. With its wide range of uses, this 10-LB Ruck Weight is ideal for developing core strength and total body conditioning. Additionally, it allows freedom of movement at any speed and builds greater strength, coordination and agility.


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Pros & Cons


• lb ruck weight set includes two 5 lb ea durable, textured, flat-faced steel plates

• Flat-faced plates provide plenty of contact and surface area to prevent plates from sliding when working out

• lb weight limit in this set is great for beginner strength levels

• Steel plates’ durable Construction prevents wear and tear

• Can be used for a variety of strength building exercises, from squats to deadlifts


• Steel plates are not color-coated and require special care to prevent rusting

• lb limit might require additional plates for more advanced strength building workouts

• Steel plates can be very noisy when dropped onto surfaces

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

• Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store and can be easily transported

• Large variety of exercises can be done with the added weight

• 10 lb weight is optimal for strength exercises like lunges and squats

Should Not Buy:

• Not ideal for heavy lifters as 10 lb weight capacity may not provide enough resistance

• May be too costly for some customers

• May not be suitable for those looking for multiple types of weight exercises


- 10 LB weight

- Soft canvas construction

- Adjustable shoulder straps for comfort

- Reinforced stitching for durability

- Made of heavy duty canvas fabric

- Handle for easy transportation

10 lbDurable Rubber Coating
11 lbReinforced Iron with Rubber Coating
11 lb100% Cotton Canvas with Reinforced Stitching
10 lbDurable Iron with Rubber Coating

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