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Rickshaw Farmer’s Walk

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Rickshaw Farmer’s Walk

The Titan Rickshaw Farmer’s Walk is a must-have for CrossFit and Strongman/woman athletes. This rugged solid steel frame with its commercial grade coating is designed for years of heavy training. At the base rests four thick rubber contact points for secure footing and easy transportability. The easy-to-use four-handles provide secure grip for farmers walk exercises, offering four heights for various levels of difficulty ranging from 13” – 22.75”. The two 2” diameter tubular carry handles are welded to the frame and painted to match the black theme. Designed to handle large capacity loads up to 800 lbs, this durable Farmers Walk implements are up to the heavy-duty training regimes of strongmen and strongwomen alike. The lightweight yet rigid construction of the Titan Rickshaw Farmers Walk allows athletes to develop strength and endurance at home or in the gym. The Titan Rickshaw Farmer’s Walk offers an easy-to-use design and can accommodate any workout regimen. Whether your main goal is to increase strength or mimic an agility circuit of lifts, pulls, and pushes, this Farmers Walk is a great addition to any training environment. The Titan Rickshaw Farmer’s Walk has all the accessories you need to get started, so you can focus on building strength and endurance rather than struggling to set up and adjust your equipment.


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Pros & Cons


- Heavy-duty steel Construction

• Supports up to 880 pounds

• Great balance and stability

• Features non-slip handles

• Includes 100 pounds of steel weights


• Pricey

• Heavy and bulky

• Limited customization available

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• Athletes looking for a strength-building workout.

• People who want a unique exercise tool.

• Fitness enthusiasts that can benefit from a core and balance oriented exercise.

Who Should Not Buys:

• People with weak physical structure not suited for this type of movement

• Anyone with limited space in their fitness area or home

• Those with limited budget for fitness equipment


-Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

-Steel Construction: Diameter 2” x 2” x 0.25” thickness

-Overall Dimensions: 76.77” x 15.7” x 11.61"

-Product Weight: 43lbs

-Handle Length: 20.16”

-Sleeve Thickness: 5.9"

-Color: Matte Black Finish

CapacityHandle HeightFootplate Size
1000 lbs32”40”x 12”
900 lbs34”38”x 14”
750 lbs38”44” x 14”
CapacityHandle HeightFootplate Size
800 lbs34”40”x 12”
1000 lbs32”40”x 12”
900 lbs34”38”x 14”
750 lbs38”44” x 14”

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