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250 LB HD Sandbag

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250 LB HD Sandbag

This 250 lb Heavy Duty Sandbag from Titan Fitness is a great choice for strength, power, speed and agility training. The sandbag is constructed from thick puncture resistant nylon, with an inner lining of vinyl, and contains strong double stitching. This makes it extremely durable and able to withstand the most intensive of workouts. The bag is filled with high-density, low-dust sand, giving it maximum stability and providing a heavy, balanced weight. The handles are made of high strength webbing and reinforced at the bag's sides and bottom, allowing for great grip and generous room for hand placement. The sandbag also features a reinforced top, providing much-needed protection when doing burpee-type exercises or slams. Versatile and practical, this sandbag is ideal for any and all training routines, capable of being used outdoors or indoors, and you can relieve the pressure on your wrists and hands with these extra-secure handles. Whether your focus is strength and power training, metabolic conditioning, agility and speed drills, or balance and coordination drills, this sandbag will take your performance to the next level.


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Pros & Cons


• Heavy duty material for long lasting durability

• Compact for storage, can fit into tight spaces

• Plenty of handles for a variety of grip options

• Multi-purpose exercises, such as carries, squats, lunges, and throws


• Heavy, may be difficult to maneuver or transport

• Durable material can also be abrasive on hands

• Not suitable for everyone with its weight limitations

• Limited in color/design options

Who Should Buy


Who Should BuyIt:

- If you want a bag that can be used in strength and conditioning workouts

- If you're looking for a heavy duty sandbag that can carry up to 250 lbs.

- If you need a versatile sandbag that can be used for a variety of exercises

Who Should Not Buy It:

- If you're looking for a cheaper sandbag

- If you're looking for a lighter weight sandbag

- If you don't have room to store a larger sandbag


-Adjustable shoulder strap and rotating hand grips

-95 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm

-Weight: 250 lbs

-Material: Heavy duty vinyl

-Max Holding Capacity - 200 KG

-Filled with air dried sand


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