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HD Sandbags

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HD Sandbags

The Titan HD Sandbag is a strength and conditioning tool designed to challenge any athlete at any fitness level. Made of heavy-duty PVC, the bag is durable and water resistant, making it great for outdoor workouts. It is filled with multi-sized sand and rocks to provide an additional level of challenge and instability, which can help improve core strength, coordination, and stability. The bag is available in three sizes, ranging from small (15-20lbs), medium (25-30lbs), and large (35-40lbs). The bag can be filled with additional weight, giving users the capability to increase the weight as their strength and fitness progresses. The padded handles and adjustable straps enable users to safely move the weight from one location to another. The bag is also designed with an unobstructed “load port” for easy and quick filling/emptying as well as toil-free sanitation, making it a great tool for personal or commercial use. The Titan HD Sandbag is great for any functional training program or workout routine, enabling both beginner and pro athletes to take their workouts to the next level.

  • 100 LB HD Sandbag

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  • 200 LB HD Sandbag

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Pros & Cons


• Durable and weather resistant Construction

• Handles along the side to make carrying easier

• Easy to fill

• Secure strap on the top for a secure seal when filled

• Variety of available sizes and capacity


• Cost can be high depending on size and capacity

• No handle on the top for an easier on-off grip

• Can be difficult to fill completely to capacity

Who Should Buy


Who should buy this product:

• People who want to use sand bags for workouts.

• People who purchase Titan Fitness products who want to stay with their brand.

• People who want to purchase a durable bag with multiple handles for various strongman carries.

Who should not buy this product:

• People who want to purchase a bag with a specific weight capacity

• People who are not interested in strongman carry training

• People who are looking for a cheaper sand bag


-Weightage: 35lbs

-Size: 18”x14”

-Material: PVC coated nylon fabric

-Features: Dual handle grips, anti-rip sand-proof fabric, and triple stitching

-Capacity: 35lbs-100lbs

Titan HD SandbagsSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
1000 + lb capacity350 lb capacity600 lb capacity1000 + lb capacity
UV, abrasion resistantUV resistantAbrasion resistantUV, abrasion resistant
12"x24" or 48"x18"12"x18"14”x20"14”x22"
Integrated HandlesIntegrated HandlesIntegrated HandlesIntegrated Handles
Waterproof zipperWaterproof zipperWaterproof zipperWaterproof zipper

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