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25 LB Steel Club

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25 LB Steel Club

The 25 pound Steel Club from Titan Fitness is a heavy-duty piece of workout equipment for athletic training and brute strength building. Crafted from solid steel, this club offers high durability and a classic and versatile design for working out your entire body. The club's head is 39 inches wide and the total length is 78 inches, offering great range to generate power and momentum with each swing. The 25-pound weight and slightly contoured, ergonomic handle make this an ideal tool for performing swings, throws, and other exercises to build strength. This product is designed to stand up to the toughest workouts and combat fatigue with shock-absorbing technology that minimizes stress and strain on the user while they exercise. Additionally, the steel club is outfitted with textured grip to provide top-notch grip in even the sweatiest of workouts. The 25-pound Steel Club is a great choice for those looking for explosive workout strength and power building.


Pros & Cons


• Comes with a stainless steel club handle, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip

- Solid steel Construction, designed to last

• Heavier 25 lbs design provides a great challenge for strength and conditioning

• Great exercise tool for a variety of movements

• Perfect for CrossFit, HIIT, strongman, and other strength and conditioning workouts


• Reaching its maximum weight capacity of 25 lbs can be difficult for some individuals

• Expensive compared to other weight training equipment

• Requires a lot of practice and skill to use safely and effectively

Who Should Buy

Reasons to Buy:

-Compact and lightweight

-Versatile and multi-faceted fitness tool that can be used for a number of exercises

-Constructed from high quality steel with machined grips for ergonomic handling

-25 lbs in weight is suitable for a wide range of users

Reasons Not to Buy:

-Not adjustable in weight

-Only works for specific types of exercises

-May be too heavy for some users, not suitable for beginner lifters


-25 LB weight capacity

-All-steel construction

-Brass-colored coating

-Textured handle for grip

-Shipped with set of gym collars

-Total length: 36.5 inches

-Handle diameter: 1.2 inches

-Diameter of plates: 3.3 inches

-End cap diameter: 2.5 inches

Titan 25 LB Steel Club25 lbsSteel48.25 in
Vulcan Pro Strength Steel Mace25 lbsSteel48 in
Titan Steel Mace35 lbsSteel48.25 in
Titan Pro Steel Mace45 lbsSteel48.25 in

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