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12" Circus Dumbbell w/ 3" Handle

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12" Circus Dumbbell w/ 3" Handle

The 12-Inch Circus Dumbbell with 3-Inch Handle from Titan Fitness is ideal for strongman and grip training. Made from solid forged steel, this dumbbell is incredibly sturdy and reliable. It features a 3-inch diameter handle for a secure grip and ergonomic comfort. The 12-inch dumbbell includes four removable plates so you can quickly and easily increase or decrease the overall weight. This allows for variation and adaptability in your workouts to help you reach your desired strength and conditioning goals. The one-piece cast head is corrosion resistant with a protective finish and a smooth handle for a comfortable hold. The dumbbell comes in a variety of weights ranging from 45lbs to 55lbs and the durable construction makes it ready for long-term use. Perfect for strongman training, grip-strength work, and even regular weightlifting, the 12-Inch Circus Dumbbell with 3-Inch Handle from Titan Fitness is an excellent addition to your workout arsenal.


Pros & Cons


• Made of steel and enamel for strength and durability

• Wide 3-inch handle allows for different styles of lifts

• Easily transportable and suitable for home use

• Great tool for grip training and all-around strength

• Can be used indoors or outdoors


• Limited weight selection

• Not suitable for Olympic style lifting

• Handle may be too wide for some lifts

• Cylindrical handles may not offer the best grip

• Might be too lightweight for extremely strong individuals

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Heavy duty construction provides maximum durability

- Ideal for strength training exercises such as curls, rows, presses, and throws

- Can be used for both Olympic weightlifting and strongman training

- Specialty design facilitates better use of grip strength

Should Not Buy:

- Expensive compared to other dumbbells on the market

- Nonstandard design makes it difficult to integrate with other weightlifting or strength training programs


-12" Circus Dumbbell

-Handle size: 3"

-Weight: 125 pounds

ProductWeight OptionsHandle SizeGrip Type
Titan 12" Circus Dumbbell w/ 3" Handle6-12 lbs3"Smooth/knurled
CAP Barbell 12-Inch Kettlebell6-12 lbs3"Smooth
Gorilla Fitness 12" Kettlebell6-12 lbs3"Smooth
CAP Barbell 13.5-Inch Kettlebell6-15 lbs4.5"Smooth
DAY 1 Fitness Kettlebell6-15 lbs4"Textured

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