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Atlas Stone Platform

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Atlas Stone Platform

The Atlas Stone Platform from Titan Fitness is an excellent addition to any strength training facility. This obstacle is great for developing grip strength, core stability, and overall strength. The platform measures 36" W x 28" L x 18" H and is constructed from high-grade steel for maximum durability. The platform also features a 12" tall platform to safely contain your Atlas Stones. The platform is designed with a handle on each side so you can easily move and reposition it for different workouts. The included Atlas Stones are covered in a thick rubber coating for added grip and safety. The platform has 4 height adjustments that range from 6" to 21" to accommodate different stone sizes and exercises. The included hardware allows the platform to be securely bolted to the ground for added stability during lifts. The Atlas Stone Platform is perfect for adding a unique challenge to your training and increasing your grip strength.


Pros & Cons


• Ideal for strongman competitions and functional fitness training

• riser base creates a safe platform to keep Atlas Stones from rolling

• non-slip rubber feet for stability

• Easy to assemble and disassemble

• Heavy-duty Construction

• Suitable for competition use


• Some assembly required

• Platform height cannot be adjusted

• Not suitable for setting world records as per competition standards

• Maximum weight capacity of 350lbs, may be insufficient for some top-level strongman athletes

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Durable steel construction

- High-quality 3/4" thick platform

- 6 pockets for easy storage

- Height-adjustable 28-58” for different weight sizes

- Compact design

Should Not Buy:

- Not for use with barbells

- Only recommended for use with pre-cast stone slabs up to 400lbs

- Not waterproof

- Does not come with stones

- Expensive


-Made with 4x4 doulgon fir lumber

-Measures 38" x 60" x 11.5"

-4x4 doulgon fir adjustable support beams (max height of 19.5")

-4x4 doulgon fir deck strong enough to hold up to 1500lbs

-Built to accommodate standard low profile stone molds

-Stainless steel hardware

-Carpet bonded foam with plywood 1/2" thick for protection

-Includes non-slip rubber pads for surface coverage

-Grip tape for extra traction on underside of deck

800mg of CBD per bottle; natural ingredients; gluten-free
1500mg of CBD per bottle; all natural terpenes; vegan; non-GMO
300mg of CBD per bottle; vegan; gluten-free
500mg of CBD per bottle; gluten free; organically grown
750mg of CBD per bottle; natural ingredients; gluten free; organic

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