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Plate-Loaded Leverage Block

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Plate-Loaded Leverage Block

The Leverage Block Loadable from TITAN fitness is an ideal way to take your grip training to the next level. It features a heavy-duty steel construction reinforced with welded end-caps. The block is also loadable to increase the challenge, making it perfect for those who want to train their fingers, hands, and arms. With three different heights available and a padded surface, this block is great for multiple types of grip and strength training. The grip on the block's surface is also textured, giving you more control and stability while training. It comes with two different loading pins for versatility in your workouts as well as a heavy-duty handle for easy carrying and storage. With a maximum capacity of 400 pounds, this block is designed for serious grip and strength training. The striking red and black powder-coated finish is sure to look great in any gym or home gym, adding a touch of style and toughness. If you're looking for the perfect grip training tool, then the Leverage Block Loadable from TITAN fitness could be exactly what you need to take your grip and strength training to the next level.


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Pros & Cons


• Heavy duty steel Construction

• Powder coated finish for protection from rust

• Designed for heavy strength and durability

• Provides multiple grip and leverage training options

• Metal handles are ergonomic and easy to grip

• Railings provide additional support and stability

• Interlocking design for easy storage and transportation


• Heavy and bulky

• Costly compared to other grip training options

• Metal handles could be uncomfortable for some users

• Option to buy a stand separate for an extra cost

• Difficulty assembling the unit

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Can be used with multiple pieces of gym equipment

- Easy to use and setup

- Compatible with regular standard weight plates

- Versatile and adjustable for a variety of lifts

- Durable and long lasting

Should Not Buy:

- Not compatible with Olympic sized weight plates

- Not suitable for home gyms without substantial overhead height clearance

- Not suitable for non-powerlifting movements

- Requires additional weights to fully use the product


- Dimensions: Height-414cm, Width-150cm, Length-180cm

- 500 lb Weight Capacity

- 6 Storage Pins

- 3-Position Safety Bar Catch System

- Adjustable Pull Lever Handle to Perform Rowing & Bench Exercises

- Textured Grip Bars

- Sealed Roller Bearings for Smooth Performance

Plate-Loaded Leverage Block (Titan)Product AProduct BProduct C
Exercise TypesSquats, Bench, Overhead, DeadliftsSquats, Bench, Bicep Curls, DeadliftsSquats, Overhead, Lat Pulls, Deadlifts
Max Load Capacity380 lb342 lb400 lb
Cushioned GripsYesNoYes
Lock CollarYesNoYes
Monitor CompatibleYesNoNo
Warranty10 yrs5 yrs7 yrs

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