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Round Grip String Bar

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Round Grip String Bar

The Titan Round Grip String Bar is a solid piece of equipment that's ideal for grip strength training. It's made of heavy-duty steel with knurled hand grip strings that are designed to increase durability and provide better grip. The sliding string ends are designed to be adjustable to accommodate different sizes of hands and can be locked in place as needed. The round handle is comfortable to hold, providing additional confirmation and control. The bar is capable of withstanding heavy weights and can be used in a variety of exercises to help improve grip strength, forearm strength, and overall endurance. The bar is customizable and can include add-ons such as the barbell or triceps extension grips for additional resistance. The Titan Round Grip String Bar is the perfect choice for anyone looking to increase their grip strength and forearm strength.


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Pros & Cons


• Can be used to work a variety of grip and lift exercises

• Ergonomic design for comfy, secure grip

• Weight-bearing surface to train muscles and joints

• Durable steel Construction

• Small space requirement for storage and use


• Price may be too expensive for some users

• Not suitable for all types of exercises

• Requires additional gym equipment for use

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- High quality construction

- Variety of grip positions to suit all styles of training

- Ease of use

Should Not Buy:

- Limited applications means it may not suit all training styles

- Cost of the gym may be prohibitive for those on a budget

- Heavy weight may make it difficult to transport or store


• 18” round steel handle

• Knurling for grip

• Swivel ends for safety

• 1.5” grip diameter

• Made of solid steel

• Corrosion-resistant

Length (mm)Diameter (mm)Shape
Length (mm)Diameter (mm)Shape

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