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BalanceFrom 1-Inch Standard Weightlifting Barbell, 300-Pound Capacity - 529809039

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BalanceFrom 1-Inch Standard Weightlifting Barbell, 300-Pound Capacity - 529809039

The BalanceFrom 1-Inch Standard Weightlifting Barbell is an ideal choice for any weightlifter looking to upgrade their current workout setup. This barbell is made of solid, heat-treated stainless steel for maximum durability and can support up to 300 pounds of weight. The barbell features black oxide coating on the weight sleeves for a smooth and rust-free finish. It is 1-inch thick, 48-inches long, and is designed to be used with 1-inch Olympic plates. The barbell also comes with two 12-inch slip-resistant rubber-coated grips for added comfort and security during heavy lifts. Perfect for bench presses, deadlifts, squats, and other barbell exercises, this barbell is a must-have for any dedicated weightlifter.


Pros & Cons


• lb capacity – supports heavy weight lifters

• Cable coated shaft for extra protection to reduce wear

• Star-lock collars with rubber O-ring keeps weights securely in place

• Knurled surface for a secure grip

• Compatible with 1 inch standard weight lifting plates


• May be too short for everyone – only 48 inches

• May not be suitable for Olympic weight lifting plates

• Can rust over time due to materials used

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- 300-pound weight capacity

- 1-Inch standard weightlifting Barbell

- Durable solid steel construction

- Ideal for home gym and commercial gym settings

- Low cost

Should Not Buy:

- If you’re looking for a higher weight capacity

- Outside of home and commercial gym settings

- Lightweight barbell


•1-inch Standard Barbell

•300-pound Capacity

•Solid Steel Construction

•Chrome Finish

•Textured Grip Handle

•Hollow Ends Accept Clamps for Plates

•Durable and Built for the Long Haul

Weight CapacityLength

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