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BalanceFrom Classic Cast Iron Weight Plates for Strength Training, 1-Inch, 45-Pound, Pair

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BalanceFrom Classic Cast Iron Weight Plates for Strength Training, 1-Inch, 45-Pound, Pair

The BalanceFrom Classic Cast Iron Weight Plates are the perfect addition to any home gym or strength training routine. This set includes two 45-pound plates, both constructed from cast iron for strength and durability. With a one-inch center hole, these plates are compatible with any standard Olympic barbell set and will add weight and resistance to any workout. The plates are painted with a black finish, making them both attractive and easy to maintain. The plates feature raised flanges for easy handling and gripping, and the solid construction ensures that the plates are resistant to cracking and rust. These weight plates are a great addition to any strength training routine, allowing you to achieve your health and fitness goals.


Pros & Cons


• Durable, 100-pound plates made of solid cast-iron

• Textured black finish for a classic gym look and rust-proof

• inch center hole fits most standard bars securely

• pound pair perfect for at-home strength training

• Accommodates any standard 1-inch hole weightlifting bar

• Low-maintenance design doesn't need regular cleaning


• Not suitable for high-intensity CrossFit workouts

• Relatively expensive compared to other similar plates

• Heavier than others, slightly impeding portability

• Hole in the middle makes plates somewhat unstable when being lifted

Who Should Buy

Reasons for Should Buy:

• High-quality construction

• Easy-grip handles for improved safety during weight lifting

• 1-inch weight plates with machine-drilled holes

• Heavy-duty steel with anti-rust and anti-corrosion finish

• 2-year manufacturer warranty

Reasons for Should Not Buy:

• Not suitable for Olympic lifts

• Not suitable for powerlifting exercises

• Not suitable for intense strength training workouts

• Not suitable for beginners or novices


- Base material: solid cast iron

- Plate diameter: 1-inch

- Plate weight: 45 lbs (set of two)

- Hole diameter: 1-inch

- Raised numbers and letters for easy plate identification

- Coatings: black painted finish

- Has smooth, radius edges for easy handling

- Comes with carry bag

CAP Barbell Cast Iron Standard Grip Plates 1-Inch, 45-Pound, Single45-pounds$13.99Solid cast iron construction
York Barbell Standard Cast Iron Weight Plate, 45 lb45-pounds$26.95Heavy-duty cast iron construction
Threadrock Solid Cast Iron Weight Plate, 45lb45-pounds$14.42Thick, solid cast iron construction

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