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Body Solid - LVBP Leverage Bench Press Exercise Machine

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Body Solid - LVBP Leverage Bench Press Exercise Machine

The Body-Solid LVBP Leverage Bench Press Exercise Machine is an ideal strength-building piece of fitness equipment for bodybuilders, athletes, and weightlifters alike. This innovative machine designed by Body-Solid incorporates a lever arm design, allowing users to press heavy weights with reduced risk of injury. This Bench Press has a full range of motion so users can exercise both the upper and lower pecs, as well as the triceps. The lever arm on the LVBP is adjustable, making the exercise even more comfortable and functional. The machine’s independent movement arm allows you to press on either side and concentrates the work just where you need it. The LVBP has height adjustable posts and pegs to accommodate any size user. This innovative gym equipment also has high-density foam padding that absorbs even more of the impact of your exercise. As a safety precaution, the machine has an adjustable safety stop, which can be set for worry-free workouts. The Body-Solid LVBP Leverage Bench Press Exercise Machine is an essential piece of gym equipment for any serious athlete or bodybuilder.


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Pros & Cons


• Up to 500 lb capacity on the weight carriage, which allows it to be ideal for serious weightlifters

• Variable positions for more or less incline and decline for chest presses and flys

-High-grade steel Construction for strength and durability

• Equipped with adjustable wheel-in pegs for easy storage and transport

• User friendly and comfortable

• Works multiple muscles at once for a more effective workout

• Affordable price


• Must be used with a power rack or separate weight set

• Very heavy can be difficult to move or transport

• Noisy

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

• Easy to use and assemble

• Comes with safety plate inserts and a leg developer

• High quality construction for a commercial-style workout

• Comes with press and squat handles for a variety of exercises

Should Not Buy:

• Too heavy to move easily

• Not suitable for tall people

• Has limited exercise options

• Expensive compared to other similar products


• Dimensions: 73"L x 43"W x 45"H

• Weight: 267 lbs.

• Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

• Frame Construction: Heavy-Duty 2” x 4” 11-Gauge Steel

• Multi-position, Contoured Back Pad and Arm Cushion

• Thick 5” Foam Pads on Nylon Coated with DuraFirm™ Upholstery

• Protective Durable Powder Coated Finish

• Adjustable Safety Stops For Added Security

• Chest Press Leverage Adjusts for Various Bench Press Angles

• Leg Developer Attachment Included, Weight Plate Post Extensions

FeatureBody Solid LVBP Leverage Bench PressSimilar Product 1Similar Product 2Similar Product 3
Max Weight Cap1000 LBs500 LBs700 LBs800 LBs
Adjustable HeightYesYesNoNo

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