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Body Solid OSR300S Rubber Grip Olympic 300lb Weight Set

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Body Solid OSR300S Rubber Grip Olympic 300lb Weight Set

The Body Solid OSR300S Rubber Grip Olympic 300lb Weight Set is the perfect equipment for any home gym. It includes a 7' Olympic style bar with solid steel core, two spring collars, five two-inch Olympic weight plates with painted and durable rubber, and two additional plates to customize your workouts. The bar and plates are designed to be used in multiple exercises including squats, lunges, chest press and much more. The plates also feature a special rubber coating and raised number value to reduce noise and facilitate multi-lift workouts when combined with other weights. All of the weights are constructed from solid steel to provide long lasting durability. The set also comes with a 25-year commercial warranty for those looking for a superior home gym setup. The overall construction is designed for optimal comfort and a heavy-duty commercial grade performance. This set is engineered to give users an efficient and effective way to work out, burn calories, and tone up in their own home.


Pros & Cons


• Includes 2x 45-pound plates, 2x 35-pound plates, 2x 25-pound plates, 2x 10-pound plates, 4x 5-pound plates, and a 7-foot Olympic bar

• Comes with rubber coated plates to minimize noise and damage to flooring

• Durable and built to last for multiple workouts

• pound total weight accommodates various levels of strength


• The 7-foot Olympic bar may be too short for some users

• The rubber coating may become damaged or worn over time

• The total weight may be too heavy for some users

Who Should Buy

Should Buy:

- Consumers who want more variety in their workouts

- Consumers who want to work out at home

- Consumers who are looking for a durable and reliable weight set

Should Not Buy:

- Consumers who are on a tight budget

- Consumers who are only looking for bodyweight exercises

- Consumers who are looking for a quick fix solution


-Olympic-sized 7 foot 45 lb chrome plated bar

-Two spring collars

-6-sided rubber encased design

-300 lb total weight set

-Includes 2 each of: 45 lb, 35 lb, 25 lb, 10 lb, and 2.5 lb plates

-Also includes 2 pair cast iron dumbbell handles with collars

-Fits all 2" Olympic sleeves

Weight Set NamePlatesCollarsBarCost
Body-Solid OSR300S7x45lb27ft$539.99
CAP Barbell 300lbs7x45lb27ft$370.00
XMark Fitness Olympic Set7x45lb27ft$379.00
TDS Economy 300lb Set8x45lb27ft$346.00
Sporzon! Olympic Weight Set7x45lb27ft$345.99

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