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Body Solid RB48 Standard Super Curl Bar, Chrome

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Body Solid RB48 Standard Super Curl Bar, Chrome

The Body-Solid RB48 Standard Super Curl Bar is a great addition to any gym setup. This chrome-plated bar ensures a strong, durable workout tool. It includes a rubber end cap to protect the bar while providing a secure grip. It is 48 inches long, which is ideal for performing arm, forearm and shoulder exercises. The wide-knurled grip area allows for improved gripping comfort, making the exercises much more comfortable. With the rotating sleeves and end caps, the bar allows for a complete range of motion. This allows for increased exercise variability for a more intense and effective workout. With a weight capacity of 300 lbs., this bar can handle any workout demand. The Body-Solid RB48 Standard Super Curl Bar is a great asset for anyone looking to increase their strength, power and muscle mass.


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Pros & Cons


- Reinforced steel Construction for extreme durability

• Chrome finish for improved resistance to corrosion

• Textured rubber handgrips for secure and comfortable grip

• High-density knurled handgrips provide a solid, grip during exercise

• Angled design creates an inner forearm workout

• Ideal for use with EZ-curl bars, dumbbells and resistance bands

• Nylon bearings provide a smooth workout motion


• Not suitable for Olympic plates

• Pricey in comparison to other brands

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy

- Those looking for a good quality curl bar

- Those looking to use it for basic weightlifting exercises

- Those who want to increase their grip strength

Who Should Not Buy

- Those who are looking for a multi-purpose weightlifting bar

- Those looking for a curl bar made of a more durable material

- Those who want to use it for Olympic weightlifting exercises


-Material: Chrome Steel

-Length: 48"

-Grip Diameter: 28mm

-Grip Length: 16"

-Accommodates 2" Olympic Plates

-Curl Handle Length: 19 3/4" (each side)

-Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.

-Color: Chrome

-Ideal for Supinating Bicep Curls, Incline Bench Presses, Shoulder Exercises, Skull Crushers, and Many More Exercises.

Body Solid RB48 Standard Super Curl Bar, ChromeProduct AProduct BProduct C
Chrome FinishYesYesYesYes
Weight22 lbs20 lbs24 lbs25 lbs

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