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Body Solid - SPR1000BACK Commercial Power Rack with Extension

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Body Solid - SPR1000BACK Commercial Power Rack with Extension

The Body Solid SPR1000BACK Commercial Power Rack with Extension is an all-in-one weightlifting rack capable of handling the most intense, high-volume weight workouts with ease. Constructed of heavy-duty 2” x 2” steel with all-4-side welded construction for added strength, this equipment is built to last. The design is ergonomic, making it easy to use and maximizing safety and efficiency. The pull-up bar is designed for easy grip and lets you target smaller or larger muscles depending on your workout needs. The J-hooks and spotter arms offer added stability to make all lifts safe and secure and the set-up takes only half an hour. With an adjustable cable and pulley system that is also included you’ll have almost every possible exercise covered. The customizable options make it an ideal fit for any gym and all your training needs.


Pros & Cons


• Allows for multiple resistance exercises

Heavy-duty Construction to ensure long-lasting performance

• Takes up relatively little floor space

• Comes with a range of accessories to modify workouts

• High maximum weight capacity of 1000lbs


• Price tag is higher than most entry-level power racks

• Can be quite difficult to assemble for the inexperienced DIY-er

• Lightweight construction materials can be prone to chipping and wear and tear over time

Who Should Buy


Who Should Buy:

• People who need a quality, commercial power rack for under $600

• Individuals with limited floor space that need a compact power rack

• People with basic to intermediate weightlifting knowledge

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who have large floor space and are willing to spend more for a larger power rack

• Individuals with advanced weightlifting knowledge who may need a power rack with more features and customizability


-7 gauge steel frame and solid steel hardware to ensure secure, rattle free performance

-2" x 3" steel frame construction with all 4 sides welded

-Heavy duty 11-gauge steel 2" x 3" mainframe construction

-Patented adjustable safeties and steel catch pins provide a fail-safe workout

-1-1/2" hole spacing throughout entire unit makes adjustments quick and easy

-Multiple grip positions for wide and narrow grip chin ups

-Multiple accessory storage posts for easy storage

-Exclusive Extended and Adjustable Spotter Arms for safety

-Integrated chin up bar on front of unit

-Optional Band Pegs for resistance exercises

-Optional Landmine and Weight Holders

-Optional cable columns available with solid steel construction and multi-grip pulls

-Optional dip and pull up attachments allow for additional exercises

-Compatible with most standard and Olympic plates

-Multi-grip pull up bar for a more intense workout

-Easy and quick assembly with instructions

-Available in multiple colors

82.50”1, 000 lbsMulti-Grip Chin Up Bar, Plate Storage Pegs, Plate Storage Horns, Safety Spotters213 lbs
78.7"1, 000 lbsPlate Storage Pegs, Band Pegs, Lat Pulldown90 lbs
82”2,000 lbsPull-Up bar, Adjustable Spotters,Leg Extension192 lbs
82”1,000 lbsExtra-long safety spotters, multi-grip chin-up bar, band pegs200 lbs

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