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CAP Barbell 25 lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set, Quick Select Adjustability from 5-25 lb, Pair, Black - 25lb,pair

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CAP Barbell 25 lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set, Quick Select Adjustability from 5-25 lb, Pair, Black - 25lb,pair

The CAP Barbell 25-lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Set is a compact and versatile weight set that allows you to customize the weight you lift. The set includes two adjustable dumbbells, with quick select adjustability from 5 to 25 pounds, so you can tailor your weight to suit your fitness needs. This set offers great value for money, as you can adjust the appropriate amount of weight to suit different exercises, without having to continually purchase different sizes of weights. The design of this set is strong and reliable, ensuring that your weight is firmly held and your exercise routine is safe. This set is also ideal for those with limited space, as the adjustable dumbbells do not take up much room. The ergonomic, textured handle helps ensure a secure, comfortable grip, adding comfort to your lifts. The set is finished with a stylish black coating, adding to its aesthetically pleasing look. This set is made from quality components and comes with a solid one-year-warranty, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable set of adjustable weight dumbbells that won't break the bank. With an easily adjustable weight system, and a secure and comfortable grip, this is the perfect set for the gym or home.


Pros & Cons


• Ergonomic handle design allows for comfort while exercising

• Non-slip design ensures grip strength while exercising

• Adjustable weight options, from 5-25 Ibs per dumbbell

• Low price relative to other adjustable dumbbell sets


• Can be difficult to adjust mid-exercise

• May not be as strong as fixed weights

• Lack of additional weight plates available to further increase weight per dumbbell

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those looking to save money on gym equipment

• Those who do not have the space for a set of traditional dumbbells

• Those looking for an adjustable and versatile piece of workout equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those looking for professional-grade dumbbells

• Those who prefer a set of standard-sized dumbbells

• Those who are not willing to invest in adjustable equipment


- 25 lb adjustable dumbbell set

- Quick select adjustability from 5-25 lbs

- Durable cast iron construction

- Threaded textured handle for a secure grip

- Innovative quick-change design – no clips needed

- Anti-slip neoprene coating to protect your floors and equipment

CAP Barbell 25 lbs25 lb5-25 lb$53.92
Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells(2 x) 28 lb5-52.5 lb$299.00
Power Block Personal Trainer Set(2 X) 50 lb3-24 lbs$219.99
Bayou Fitness Adjustable 40 lb Dumbbell(2 X) 40 lb2-40 lb$139.99

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