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CAP Barbell Standard 1” Curl Bar and Dumbbell Handle Set

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CAP Barbell Standard 1” Curl Bar and Dumbbell Handle Set

The CAP Barbell Standard 1" Curl Bar and Dumbbell Handle Set is a great way to get an effective full body workout from the comfort of your home. Constructed from solid steel with a chrome finish, this combo package offers the versatility of a curl bar and a dumbbell handle, making it perfect for all kinds of workouts. The handles are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip, and the bar is threaded with knurled grips for extra stability during those heavy lifts. This heavy-duty equipment comes with two spring collars to keep your weights in place, and the bar has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. With this set, you'll have the tools to target all areas of your body with curls and a variety of other exercises.


Pros & Cons


1. Durable Construction

• Easy to assemble

• Can be used for a variety of exercises

• Cost-effective


• Not ideal for heavier weights

• Weights can roll off the bar if not secured

• No knurling on bar for better grip

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

-People who want to add variety to their strength training regimen

-People who need specific adjustments for their fitness level

-People who are looking for a durable and affordable strength training solution

Should Not Buy:

-People who are looking for more than just a basic barbell and dumbbell set

-People who need more than 50 pounds of weight

-People who are looking for a high-end, professional strength training set-up


- Standard 1’’ curl bar and dumbbell handle set

- Constructed with solid steel for universal compatibility

- Knurled grip textured design

- Chrome finish for durability and style

- 48” length for standard Olympic plates

- User weight capacity of 250 lbs

WeightMaterialKnurled Grip
32.6 lbsChromeYes
25 lbsSteelYes
16 lbsChromeYes
25 lbsChromeYes
29.2 lbsChromeYes

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