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KETTLEBELL KINGS Competition Kettlebell Weights for Workout (22 lbs)

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KETTLEBELL KINGS Competition Kettlebell Weights for Workout (22 lbs)

KETTLEBELL KINGS Competition Kettlebell Weights for Workout is an essential piece of equipment for anyone interested in developing their strength, balance and endurance. This 22 pound Kettlebell is crafted from cast iron, making it a dependably sturdy and reliable tool for hardcore CrossFit athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts alike. It features a smooth, comfortable grip and the handle is textured for extra stability during exercises. Its round shape is designed for better biomechanical control, allowing for more accurate, effective movements and optimizing the kinetic arc for exercise. It's also beautifully black powder coated for improved wear and rust resistance. KETTLEBELL KINGS Competition Kettlebell Weights for Workout is ideal for building strength and toning your body with a range of movements. Take your performance to the next level with KETTLEBELL KINGS Competition Kettlebells.


Pros & Cons


• Durable and long-lasting

• Offers multiple weight options

• Flat base allows for stability during use

• Textured handle offers a secure grip

• Can use for swings, presses, squats, and other exercises


• Can be difficult to lift for beginners

• Can be expensive

• Weights can be hard to store

• Can cause injury if proper form is not used

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

-Adjustable weights, ranging from 9 lbs to 22 lbs

-Extra-tough construction with double-sided powder-coated finish for extreme durability

-Textured handle for secure grip

-Flat bottom allows kettlebell to easily be put down between reps

Should Not Buy:

-Not suitable for people who need gym equipment with lighter weight range

-Heavy price tag compared to other kettlebells on the market


• Crafted from a single piece of stainless steel.

• Matte finish with fixed handle

• Coating is chip & abrasion resistant

• Ergonomic handles are designed for added comfort during lifts

• Textured anti-slip non-marking base

• 22 lb kettlebell weight

WeightHandle Shape
22 lbsTextured / Smooth
15-45 lbsTextured / Smooth
22 lbsSmooth
22 lbsTextured
30 lbsTextured

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