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Synergee 20lb Steel Mace ? Mace Club ? Macebells for Functional Fitness, Rotational Core & Full Body Workouts

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Synergee 20lb Steel Mace ? Mace Club ? Macebells for Functional Fitness, Rotational Core & Full Body Workouts

The Synergee 20lb Steel Mace is an excellent weight training tool for functional fitness and rotational core and full body workouts. This macebell weighs in at 20lbs and is made out of solid steel for maximum durability and resistance. It is designed with five handle options including straight, angled, curved, and spiral grip for different hand positions and level of challenge. The shaft has laser-etched markings to provide feedback, count reps, and track progression. The precision-machined macebell is created to ensure balanced weight and a comfortable grip, while the smooth, slim profile allows modified movements and range of motion to be explored. This is an excellent piece of exercise equipment for those looking to increase their physical conditioning and strength.


Pros & Cons


• Durable steel Construction

• Ergonomically designed grip handle

• Smooth round head prevents snagging on clothes

• Quality powder-coated finish to reduce damage and wear

• Range of weights from 10-20 lbs to accommodate different fitness goals

• Suitable for a range of exercises targeting core, upper and lower body


• Relatively expensive

• Head and handle may both scratch floor surface during workouts

• Risk of injury if misused/incorrect form is used

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Those who enjoy functional fitness or want to add a new challenge to their workout

• Those looking for more core stability and mobility drills

• Those that want to increase conditioning and burn calories

• Those looking for variety in their fitness routine

Who Should Not Buy:

• Those who do not have experience or who are not comfortable using a mace

• Those who are not comfortable with dynamic and effectively-charged movements

• Those whose main focus is on strength training and do not intend to work on core stability or mobility


- Includes 20lb Steel Mace with Nylon Wrapped Handle

- Steel Macehead and Handle for Durability

- Nylon Wrapped Handle provides Comfort and Grip

- Embossed Synergee Logo for Added Grip

- Smoothed Edges for Safe Contact with the Body

- Steel Macehead Measures 16.75" in Length

- Fully Welded Joints for Added Strength and Durability

- Designated Weight Tags on Macehead

- Comprehensive Training Guide Included

ProductWeightMaterialShapePrice Range
Synergee 20lb20 lbSteelBall$39.95
Mace Club 10lb10 lbSteel / IronBall$39.95
Macebell 10lb10 lbSteel / IronHollow$49.99
Fitness Raider 10lb10 lbSteelBall$50.00
Ader 10lb10 lbSteelBall$59.99

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