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Weider 6’ Standard Barbell with Diamond Knurling and Durable Steel Construction

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Weider 6’ Standard Barbell with Diamond Knurling and Durable Steel Construction

The Weider 6 Standard Barbell is an ideal free weights solution for lighter weight training routines. Constructed with a strong, durable all-steel design, the barbell features a 6 ft. length and an ergonomic knurling grip. This knurling grip is diamond shaped for added comfort and stability when weight lifting. A medium depth contour ensures the barbell catches and holds the weight plates securely. This barbell also features a hardened chrome finish to ensure a lasting shine. The knurling depth is not too deep to be uncomfortable, but is still deep enough to provide a good grip. With a maximum capacity of 250 lbs., the Weider 6 Standard Barbell is suited for light exercises. The weight plates must be purchased separately. This barbell model is suitable for a range of light exercises such as tricep extensions and presses, chest press, squats and deadlifts. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a beginner, this barbell is a good starting point.


Pros & Cons


- High quality steel Construction

• Diamond knurling for reliable grip

• Variety of lengths and weight capacities available

• Affordable price

• Easy to assemble


• No collars/clips included

• Weight plates not included

• Short warranty period

Who Should Buy

Who should buy:

- Those looking for a durable barbell with diamond knurling for help with grip

- People seeking a barbell with a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs

- Individuals searching for a 6’ standard-sized barbell

Who should not buy:

- Those looking for a barbell longer than 6’

- Those needing a barbell with a weight capacity larger than 300lbs

- Those in need of a more luxurious barbell with rubber grips and other bells and whistles


- Free weight barbell for weight training and upper fitness

- 7-foot length

- 2” (50mm) diameter

- Diamond Knurling Pattern on shaft to ensure reliable grip and control

- Durable steel construction

- Solid chrome finish

- Weight Capacity: 300lbs

- Locking Collars Included

Weight CapacityPrice

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