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Black Diamond Curl Bar Set Builder

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Black Diamond Curl Bar Set Builder

-400lb The XMark Black Diamond Curl Bar Set Builder is a professional-grade weightlifting and bodybuilding bar set, ideal for working the arms, chest, shoulders, and back. This 400-pound weight set includes a 5-foot Black Diamond Curl Bar, two 35-pound and two 25-pound plates, four 10-pound and four 5-pound plates, spring collars, barbell pad, and a storage tray. The Black Diamond Curl Bar is constructed of solid steel, designed to withstand heavy use and designed with diamond knurling to ensure a secure grip. The bar’s diamond knurling is also chrome-plated for comfort and durability. The plates are composed of two-tone, solid cast iron with a hammertone coating to protect against rust and a polished surface for easy cleaning. The cast iron plates feature ergonomic grip handles for easy loading and carrying. The included spring collars are rubber-coated for a secure hold, and the barbell pad is designed to provide comfort and support. The set also includes a storage tray so you can keep your barbell organized and ready for use. This barbell set is ideal for intermediate to advanced weightlifters and those who are looking to increase the intensity of their workouts.

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Pros & Cons


• Made of high-quality steel for long-lasting durability

• Bolts are chrome-plated for a smooth finish

• Able to be used with weights or weight machines

• Comes with two curl bars, collars and micro-loading pins allowing for incremental weight progressions

• Provides a great way to target specific muscle groups


• Weights and weight machines not included in the set

• Some parts may require assembly

• May be too expensive for some users

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Easy-to-use and economical way to get great muscle building

- Versatile design suitable for variety of exercises including biceps curls, triceps pressdowns, upright rows, shrugs, and more

- Heavy-duty construction offers stability to ensure secure workouts

- Comfortable ergonomic design prevents strain and fatigue

- Includes two spring collars for fast, easy weight plate adjustments

Should Not Buy:

- Not suitable for those with limited space

- Not ideal for advanced lifters who need heavier weight capacity for more intense workouts

- Pricey for some on a budget


• Comes with a 7-foot black curl bar, two 25 lb plates, two 10 lb plates, two 5 lb plates, two 2.5 lb plates, set of spring collars and key

• Solid carbon steel construction

• Tri-grip knurling and quad-grip design

• Diamond polished chrome finish

• 1-inch diameter bar and plate openings

• Maxiqueck Testing process ensures performance, safety, and long-term quality

Name of ProductConforming OptionRotating GripsStability
XMark Black Diamond BuilderYesYesHigh
CAP Barbell Zig-Zag Curl BarYesNoLow
XMark Tri-Grip Olympic Curl BarNoNoModerate
Body-Solid Solid Steel Revolving Curl BarNoYesHigh
Body-Solid Steel E-Z Curl BarYesNoModerate

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