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BLACK DIAMOND Olympic Weight Plates

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BLACK DIAMOND Olympic Weight Plates

The diamong-shaped Black Diamond Olympic Weight Plates from XMark Fitness is an indispensable piece of workout equipment for any serious weightlifting enthusiast. Constructed from cast iron and coated with a black rust-preventative paint, these Olympic weight plates are highly durable, while their deep diamond knurling allows secure and comfortable grip to lift with ease. Perfect for Olympic lifts, such as those used in bench pressing and power snatches, these plates feature a blue olympic cast finish that is beautifully polished and a 2” center hole that are designed to fit Olympic barbells. Available in weights of 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, and 45 pounds, these plates can easily stack away when not in use, making them an ideal choice for both home gym and commercial gym settings alike.

  • 25 lb Pair

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  • 35 lb Pair

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  • 45 lb Pair

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  • 65 lb Set

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  • 95 lb Set

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  • 115 lb Set

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  • 135 lb Set

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  • 155 lb Set

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  • 165 lb Set

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  • 185 lb Set

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  • 205 lb Set

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  • 215 lb Set

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  • 225 lb Set

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  • 245 lb Set

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  • 255 lb Set

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  • 275 lb Set

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  • 295 lb Set

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  • 305 lb Set

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  • 315 lb Set

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  • 325 lb Set

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  • 365 lb Set

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  • 395 lb Set

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  • 415 lb Set

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Pros & Cons


• High quality rubber casing prevents noise and damage to floors

• Easy to grip handles for easy transport

• Raised edge around the plates prevents them from sliding

• Plates come in a variety of sizes for advanced exercises


• Expensive compared to other weight plates

• Weights cannot be adjusted in small increments due to design

• Sets may not include all sizes needed for certain exercises

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy Weight Plates:

• Bodybuilders, athletes, and strength trainers looking to increase the intensity of their workouts

• People looking for an economical workout option that allows them to progress gradually

• Those wanting a gym-quality weight-lifting experience in their home

Who Should Not Buy Weight Plates:

• Beginners who are just starting out in weight-lifting and lack the necessary technique and understanding of proper form

• People who don’t have enough space to store the plates

• Those wanting to lift ultra heavy weights that require specialty equipment


-2" Olympic-sized stainless steel center hole

-Diamond knurling on the surface for a secure grip

-This Olympic plate set is ideal for weight lifting, dumbbells, power lifts and bodybuilding

-Vinyl-coated with a black diamond patterned finish

-25 lb. plate measures 17.75” in diameter

-Available in 250 lb., 300 lb., 350 lb., and 400 lb. sets

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45 lbs45 lbs45 lbs
2” hole2” hole2” hole
H Bummer Shack™Cast IronRubber
+/- 2%+/- 3%Fractional tolerance
HammertoneChromeBlack and Chrome

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