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CHISEL Olympic Weight Plates

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CHISEL Olympic Weight Plates

The Chisel Olympic Weight Plates from Xmark Fitness offer a robust, versatile weight training option ideal for both the home and commercial gym. These plates are constructed from high-grade rubber and feature a modern, angular design. The angular design creates less contact with the floor, and the embedded steel plates add to their durability and stability. In addition, the stainless steel hub ensures quick and easy plate loading and unloading from Olympic bars and racks. These weights come in a range of sizes, from 1.25-45lbs, ensuring there are options for athletes of all skill levels. The 5lb and 10lb plates feature three-holes for even distribution of weights and a reduced circumference, making them easier to grip. The slimmest plates have an interlocking design, allowing them to be stacked securely. Xmark Fitness is known for its commitment to top-notch fitness solutions and these Chisel Olympic Weight Plates are no exception - they are a reliable, safe, and cost-effective way to get fit and stay that way. They are innovative and durable, allowing users to make the most out of their workouts while reducing the risk of injury.

  • 25 lb Pair

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  • 35 lb Pair

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  • 45 lb Pair

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  • 65 lb Set

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  • 95 lb Set

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  • 115 lb Set

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  • 135 lb Set

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  • 155 lb Set

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  • 165 lb Set

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  • 185 lb Set

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  • 205 lb Set

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  • 215 lb Set

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  • 225 lb Set

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  • 245 lb Set

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  • 255 lb Set

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  • 275 lb Set

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  • 295 lb Set

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  • 305 lb Set

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  • 315 lb Set

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  • 325 lb Set

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  • 365 lb Set

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  • 395 lb Set

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  • 415 lb Set

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Pros & Cons


• Constructed of solid hammered steel

• lightly textured for a secure grip

• Stainless steel central hub offers a secure fit on Olympic bars

• wide fit with Olympic bar sleeves

• Plates are sold individually, allowing you to customize the amount of weight

• Increases flexibility when it comes to weight progression

• Triple-coat finish is resistant to rust and corrosion


• Expensive compared to other Olympic weight plates

• Not available in larger weight increments, such as 25 lbs. or 45 lbs.

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

- Weightlifters and athletes looking to upgrade or get started with their training

- People who want to diversify their workouts by using weight plates

- Those with high quality, commercial grade gym equipment

Who Should Not Buy:

- Those who are just starting with their fitness journey

- Beginners that are still learning proper form and technique

- Those who don't have a sufficiently built foundation of strength yet


- 355lb total weight package

- Durable manganese phosphate coating

- 2 x 45lb plates

- 2 x 35lb plates

- 2 x 25lb plates

- 2 x 10lb plates

- 4 x 5lb plates

- 4 spring locking collars

- Accommodates 2” Olympic bars

ProductBrandDiameterWeight RangeDurability
XMark CHISEL Olympic Weight PlateXMark Fitness17 inches2.5-45 lb.High-Impact Plastic
USA Sports Olympic-Style PlateTroy17"2.5-45 lb.Cast Iron
Alabaster Olympic PlateCAP Barbell17"2.5-45 lb.Cast Iron
Hg-Soft Rubber Coated PlateMarcy17"5-45 lb.Cast Iron with Soft Rubber Coating
Genfitness PlatesGenfitness17"2.5-45 lb.High-Impact Plastic

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