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Olympic Hex Trap Barbell

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Olympic Hex Trap Barbell

The XMark Olympic Hex Barbell offers top-quality construction with a variety of exercises designed to target the major muscle groups. This barbell is made with solid steel to provide weight lifters with uncompromising durability. The hexagonal shape allows for easy loading of plates, while the comfortable grip makes it easy to grip. The Olympic Hex Barbell features knurled, wide-grip handles to make it comfortable for the user and so you can easily lift heavier weights. The six-sided design allows for a variety of exercises, including deadlifts, shrugs and presses. The deep cut knurling ensures a secure grip on the bar. The Olympic Hex Barbell is made of heavy-duty steel for long-lasting durability, and features a chrome finish for easy maintenance. The black oxide coated shaft prevents rust and corrosion. The large, angle-cut loading sleeves, guarantee a secure hold of Olympic-sized plates during lifts and exercises. The Olympic Hex Barstick is suitable for Olympic weight lifting and is designed to ensure a safe, secure lift. The XMark Olympic Hex Barbell is designed to withstand heavy-duty use, while making weight lifting easier and more efficient. This barbell is perfect for any serious weight lifter who wants to target the major muscle groups with the added safety of a hexagonal shape.


Pros & Cons


- Durable, hexagonal-shaped steel Construction

• Great for a variety of total body workouts

- Constructed with comfortable knurled handles

• Includes integrated cross-hatching for non-slip safety

• Compatible with Olympic-sized weight plates


• Weights not included

• No built-in storage tray for weight plates

• Relatively high price compared to other manufacturers

Who Should Buy

Who Should Buy:

• Anyone looking to add variety to their workout and give certain muscle groups increased focus.

• People who want a comprehensive strength training routine without the commitment of a full weight set.

• Those who want to decrease the risk of lower back injury during certain exercises.

Who Should Not Buy:

• Individuals who don't have a large-enough space in their home or gym to properly use the hex bar.

• People who want to save money and already have the accessories needed for other barbell exercises.

• Those who don't have a basic knowledge of weight training and proper form.


- 2" Olympic sleeves

- 28 mm chrome handle

- Raised knurling on grip

- 1000 lb capacity

- 6" long loading area

- 4 needle bearings

- Heat treated and stress relieved steel

- 43" long handle completely encased

- Measures 32" long x 11.5" wide and has a 4" loadable sleeve length.

ProductWeight Capacity (lbs)Handle LengthBar Length
XMark Olympic Hex Trap Barbell100032"54"
Body Solid Hex Trap Barbell100033"54"
Titan Fitness Hex Trap Barbell100032"52"
Rep Hex Trap Barbell100029"56"

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