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Texas Star Curl Bar Set Builder

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Texas Star Curl Bar Set Builder

-kit The XMark Texas Star Curl Bar Set Builder Kit has everything you need to get a full, effective strength training workout in the comfort of your own home. The curl bar set includes two weight plates with two 5-lb weight plates, one 10-lb weight plate, and one 15-lb weight plate, along with a 30-inch Texas Star Curl Bar. The included weight plates are made of a custom, high-grade cast iron material with a durable, chip-resistant finish. The weight plates feature a 2-inch center hole and are compatible with any Olympic styled barbell. The Texas Star Curl Bar features rubber grip medium-depth knurling, ensuring a firm yet comfortable grip. The curl bar is available in two lengths, 30 and 36-inches, allowing for a variety of exercises for any level of fitness. The curl bar is constructed with a cold-rolled steel shaft, meaning it is more resilient than a typical chrome-finished curl bar and won't fade or rust from sweat or other moisture. The sleeves feature a brass, oil-lite bronze bushings for a smooth and consistent spin during exercise. The XMark Texas Star Curl Bar Set Builder Kit is a great choice for building muscles and strengthening and toning your muscles. This set includes everything you need to get a full-body workout and is perfect for those who are new to strength training, as well as experienced fitness enthusiasts.

  • XM-3675 / 65lb Set

    In Stock


  • XM-3675 / 95lb Set

    In Stock


  • XM-3675 / 115lb Set

    In Stock


  • XM-36701 / 65lb Set

    In Stock


  • XM-36701 / 95lb Set

    In Stock


  • XM-36701 / 115lb Set

    In Stock


  • BLACKSMITH / 65lb Set

    In Stock


  • BLACKSMITH / 95lb Set

    In Stock


  • BLACKSMITH / 115lb Set

    In Stock


  • CHISEL / 65lb Set

    In Stock


  • CHISEL / 95lb Set

    In Stock


  • CHISEL / 115lb Set

    In Stock


  • CROWBAR / 65lb Set

    In Stock


  • CROWBAR / 95lb Set

    In Stock


  • CROWBAR / 115lb Set

    In Stock


  • LUMBERJACK / 65lb Set

    In Stock


  • LUMBERJACK / 95lb Set

    In Stock


  • LUMBERJACK / 115lb Set

    In Stock


Pros & Cons


• Includes two separate curl bars (a standard EZ-curl bar and Texas Star bar)

• Ergonomically engineered to support natural arm and wrist positions

• Includes 6 weight plates for added versatility and resistance

• Textured grips to enhance user comfort


• High price tag

• Weight plates are made from cast iron, not steel

• Does not come with the proper collars to secure weight plates

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Durable construction

- Solid design

- 50" Texas Center Knurled Chrome Barbell

- Non-slip Textured Grip

- Accommodates 2" Olympic Plates

- Ideal for strength-training workouts

Should Not Buy:

- Not suitable for those planning to lift heavy weights

- Does not come with any weights


- Dimensions: Overall length of 83”, 20” loadable sleeve length, 2.14” diameter

- Weight: 50-pound weight set, featuring 4 star plates of 10 pounds, 4 lock collars, and a Texas star curl bar

- Construction: Solid steel construction, with a center-knurled diamond pattern

- Features: Oversized swivel handles with laser-etched star detail, providing a secure grip and improved control

ProductWeightLoad CapacityGrip Types
XMark Texas Star Curl Bar Set Builder48 lbs1000 lbsKnurled
Titan Fitness EZ Curl Bar25 lbs400+ lbsKnurled and Single
Marcy Olympic EZ Curl Bar24 lbs200+ lbsKnurled
CAP Barbell Olympic Super Curl Bar30 lbs225 lbsDiamond Knurled
IronRange Olympic EZ Curl Bar34 lbs250 lbsKnurled

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