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-%231 The AbMat® #1 from PrimeFitnessUSA is a high-quality exercise mat that provides support and comfort for Abdominal exercises. Crafted with high-density foam, this mat helps to lengthen and strengthen the abdominal muscles. It was designed to alleviate any nerve irritation that may be experienced during workouts, allowing users to maximize their fitness routines. The contoured shape of the AbMat® #1 provides abdominal support throughout the full range of motion and its commercial grade vinyl cover ensures durability. The cover also has an anti-slip base to keep the user safe while in use. The AbMat® #1 is perfect for at-home and studio workouts and can be used as part of core exercises and yoga routines. With its comfortable foam and supportive design, the AbMat® #1 gives you the support you need to maximize your exercise routine and get the most out of your core workout.


Pros & Cons


• Quality Construction from durable materials

• Lightweight and easy to transport

• Contours to your back for extra support

• Non-slip backing to help keep it in place

• Versatile - can be used for ab exercises as well as hip and back stretches

• Relieves muscle strain during sit-ups and crunches


• Not adjustable

• Limited to ab exercises and hip and back stretches

• Limited colors and designs to choose from

Who Should Buy


Should Buy:

- Affordable home gym option

- Variety of exercises available

- Compact, easy to store

- Includes materials needed for use

Should Not Buy:

- Requires significant upper body strength

- May be too small for taller users

- Not suitable for extreme workouts


- Measures 6" wide by 12" long by 1/2" thick

- Made from high-density foam

- Contoured to slide under lower back for proper body position

- Reinforced seams

- Durable vinyl cover

ConstructionThicknessTailbone Support
Vinyl, Foam1.75 inYes
Vinyl, Foam1.5 inYes
Plastic, Foam0.75 inYes
Steel, Foam0.88 inNo
Steel, Foam0.88 inYes

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