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VersaClimber LX Model

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VersaClimber LX Model

The Rogue Versa Climber LX Model is a compact, low to ground climbing machine designed to give users a full-body workout. This model features adjustable height, ergonomic hand and foot grips, a variable resistance system, and an LCD monitor to provide real-time feedback and performance metrics. The heavy-duty steel frame is designed for maximum stability, and the LX model features a sleek and modern aesthetic that won’t look out of place in your home gym. With easy-to-use controls and no assembled required, you’ll be able to enjoy a challenging and effective workout in no time. The Versa Climber LX Model is an excellent choice for both seasoned and beginner climbers. Beginners will enjoy the variable resistance system, which allows users to set their own pace and adjust the intensity of their workout. The sleek ergonomic hand and foot grips provide excellent comfort and control, while the LCD monitor gives detailed evaluation of performance metrics such as calories burned, distance climbed, and time elapsed. This machine is a great choice for those looking to increase their fitness, strength, and endurance in a short amount of time. Studies have shown that merely 15 minutes of Versa Climber exercise can result in improved aerobic capacity and increased leg strength. The low to ground design also makes for easy storage and transportation. Overall, the Rogue Versa Climber LX Model is an excellent choice for those looking to climb their way to fitness. With its adjustable resistance system, ergonomic grips, and LCD monitor, this machine will provide an effective, challenging, and enjoyable workout.

  • VersaClimber LX Model (Variable Resistance)

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  • VersaClimber Arm Extenders

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  • VersaClimber Floor Mat - 4'x4'

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Pros & Cons


• Compact size and portability

• Low-impact, full-body workout

• Can be used in a variety of positions

• Heavy-duty Construction

• Monitor tracks time, speed, and calories burned


• Challenging learning curve

• High price tag

• Limited storage capabilities

• Difficulty keeping track of metrics (without utilizing the monitor)

• Requires a dedicated space

Who Should Buy

The Rogue Fitness Versa Climber LX Model is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their cardiovascular health, core and upper body strength, and overall fitness. This particular model is ideal for anyone from beginner to advanced levels and can easily accommodate a range of fitness levels. However, anyone with certain pre-existing medical conditions such as heart or respiratory problems, an injured or weak back, or severe joint pain should consult their doctor before investing in this piece of equipment.


• Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

• Dimensions: 73”H x 49”L x 31”W

• Console: programmable LCD touch screen

• Foot pedals: adjustable

• Handlebars: adjustable height and length

• Resistance: hydro-magnetic

• Stride Length: adjustable from 2” to 29”

• Program Profiles: 30+ unique programs

SpecificationVersaClimber LXProduct AProduct BProduct C
Dimensions64" x 27.5" x 81"66" x 38" x 75"63" x 30" x 73"62" x 33" x 69"
Weight204 lbs300 lbs240 lbs205 lbs
ConsoleCompatible with TVNoNoNo
Maximum Weight capacity500 lbs250 lbs225 lbs200 lbs

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