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11th Day A/F Fitness

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11th Day A/F Fitness

-series-of-24-workouts The 11th Day AFF Fitness Series of 24 Workouts is a comprehensive, full-body system designed to provide maximum results in minimal time. Each workout consists of high-intensity, compound movements that quickly and effectively train the entire body. This series challenges both the strength and cardiovascular systems, providing an efficient and intense workout. The workout series is designed for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. Each exercise is broken down into instructional videos to ensure proper form and understanding of the exercise movements. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels are provided to ensure accuracy and maximum results for each user. The 11th Day AFF Fitness Series of 24 Workouts is a great way to start or improve an at-home fitness routine. It is convenient, efficient, and adjustable to a variety of fitness levels.


Pros & Cons


• All-in-one at-home gym system

• Includes 12 different exercises for full-body workouts

• Customizable to fit both high-level athletes and beginners

• Made with heavy-duty steel for lasting build

• Highly adjustable for comfort and performance

• Also comes with additional accessories including adjustable meters, foam-filled pads, manual and built-in timer


• Relatively high price-point that may be too expensive for some

• May not fit into some spaces due to its large size

• Needs to be professionally installed

• Limited exercises compared to other home gym systems

Who Should Buy

Should buy:

• Training for competitive sports or CrossFit

• Utilizing space efficiently

• Cushioned and comfortable movements

• Adjustable feature, and multiple configurations

Should not buy:

• Limited to one type of workout

• High price

• Limited warranty

• Heavy and difficult to move


• Weight: 5.9 lbs

• Dimensions: 10.8 x 9 x 6.25 inches

• Material: Steel frame; PU leather, foam and upholstery

• Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs.

• Number of Resistance Levels: 8

• Seat Adjustment Range: 16”

• Power Source: 2 inverter motors

• Cable Length: 10. 75”

• Accessories Included: 2 foam rollers

• Warranty: 3 Years parts and labor

Weight CapacityMax Speed
350 lbs6.2 mph
265 lbs6 mph
220 lbs6.2 mph
300 lbs6 mph
400 lbs12 mph

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